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Ghostly Receptors. New perspectives on ghosts and UFOs

Fate Feb 2008

Seldom are the odd parallels between ghosts and UFOs given their due and proper. After all, phenomena as seemingly unrelated as these couldn’t possibly share common ground, right? Truth be known, when all the variables are given proper consideration, the resulting possible connections are in- finite. Consider the great cosmic dilemma involving ghosts and the clothes they are inevitably described wearing. If one supposed that a ghost itself were merely a projection or other residual energy representative of the life force of the deceased individual, why would inanimate objects like clothing also appear when ghosts manifest? But how often do you hear reports of naked ghosts? Similar questions could be asked regarding UFOs. In the 19`d as looking just like your average Joe, save for silvery jumpsuits and bizarre devices produced by advanced civilizations on planets like Venus and Mars. At exactly what point did they make the switch to saucer- shaped craft, and more importantly, when did the occupants unzip their human suits to reveal the Greys underneath, as described in books by Whitley Strieber and Budd Hopkins? In many situations, does it not seem more likely that ghosts and aliens appear to us as we would expect them to look? Let us focus on a single aspect to serve as a sort of common link. We’ll rely on this to bridge the gap between UFOs and spirit phenomena, and allow us to draw parallels as we consider the following examples. Indeed, since the link we’ll use is the human mind itself, one must ask: might ghosts and UFOs only appear to be as real as our minds allow? If they exist, are they merely ghostly receptors, capable of reflecting the depths of our own imaginations?

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