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Have A Strange Weekend

Mysterious Creatures

There are various rituals, but besides that, many miners are still sure that mystical creatures can be found in the bottomless mines of Donbas

Cryptid Myth or Reality ?

A Homunculus (meaning little man) is said to be a humanoid creature that is a fully formed microscopic human adult that is formed when sperm is injected into a chicken's egg. The creature comes from the concept of 16th century alchemy, it is historically referred to as creation of a miniature, fully formed human. The idea of growing your own small human started when the theory of a small miniature human could be seen in the head of a sperm cell through a microscope. Obviously this theory turned out to be false. On YouTube a man who goes by the name Korney has many videos on making his own Homunculus and showing them to the world. He has so far made 3 fake Homunculi.

The first creature. in his video on YouTube you can see the creature moving but died shortly after. In the next video when he has another Homunculus, it was green and yellow, at first it appeared to be dead but then it started moving, it faced the man and shot some kind of string of fake acid or poison, at which point the man dropped it onto the table and smashed it with a book. It was the video that made homunculus popular.

The 3rd creature he faked was yellow and has a long red tentacle or tongue coming from the creature's head and slime comes from the creature's body and it lives in a glass of water, being fed sugar and he talks of starting to feed it blood and milk. Original Post Here

Visual Artifact Or Lifeform?

In August 2005, China Central Television (CCTV) aired a two-part documentary about flying rods in China. It reported the events from May to June of the same year at Tonghua Zhenguo Pharmaceutical Company in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, which debunked the flying rods. Surveillance cameras in the facility's compound captured video footage of flying rods identical to those shown in Jose Escamilla's video. Getting no satisfactory answer to the phenomenon, curious scientists at the facility decided that they would try to solve the mystery by attempting to catch these airborne creatures. Huge nets were set up and the same surveillance cameras then captured images of rods flying into the trap. When the nets were inspected, the "rods" were no more than regular moths and other ordinary flying insects. Subsequent investigations proved that the appearance of flying rods on video was an optical illusion created by the slower recording speed of the camera.

After attending a lecture by Jose Escamilla, UFO investigator Robert Sheaffer wrote that "some of his “rods” were obviously insects zipping across the field at a high angular rate" and others appeared to be “appendages” which were birds' wings blurred by the camera exposure.

Various paranormal interpretations of this phenomenon appear in popular culture. One of the more outspoken proponents of rods as alien life forms was the late Jose Escamilla, who claimed to have been the first to film them on March 19, 1994 in Roswell, New Mexico, while attempting to film a UFO. Escamilla later made additional videos.

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