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House of the Dead Feng Shui

It does not need to be Halloween for the dead to influence the living. Since ancient times the bizarre and mysterious practice of “Yin House Feng Shui” or “House of the Dead”, has been creating a geo-metaphysical confab between the deceased and their descendants for generations.

It’s a little known fact that the science and art of Feng Shui was originally created for burial. Should this conjure up images of a gravesite resplendent with “Mc Feng Shui” octagon mirrors, mini bamboo and other profit driven Chachkies? Nope; not even close. Truth is stranger than fiction when learning how to bury the dead.

The earliest written record of Yin House Feng Shui (Zang Shu) is the “Book of Burial” recorded by Guo Pu (276 – 324AD). Guo Pu, a scholar of the Eastern Jin period, was regarded as the best educated man of his time. He served as top advisor to the emperor, scholars and the military, was considered peerless as an editor, writer and commentator of China’s most ancient texts as well as being a revered Taoist mystic, dream interpreter, geomancer and collector of strange and fascinating tales.

Translating from the now lost book “Classic of Burial”, Guo Pu recorded burial techniques that produced predetermined benefits for the remaining family; these benefits were heavenly gifts sent from the joyful ancestor spirit who kept them flowing continuously for 3+ generations. However as good as the results could be they also had the potential to be as equally disastrous if done incorrectly.

The “magic” of Yin House Feng Shui is achieved by utilizing the cyclical influence of our cosmos, Earth’s electromagnetic field, Chi (subtle vital life energy not yet fully understood) and the ancestral bond of human DNA. All of these factors combined are at least partially responsible for creating an undeniable geo-metaphysical link between the deceased, their immediate blood relatives and how the relatives’ lives unfold after the ancestor’s burial.

DNA may be the key here as well as the burial site’s geographic location, magnetic qualities of the sub rock and soil, celestial timing and the physical shapes surrounding the gravesite. All of these factors are painstakingly calculated by the Yin House practitioner, creating a self organizing paramagnetic “antennae”. This “antennae” amplifies Earth’s magnetic field and resonance, transmitting energetic information between the grave site, the living and their dearly departed. Definitely bizarre and kinda spooky – yet intriguingly touched upon by modern day scientists.

DNA: In the early 1990s it was discovered that sample DNA has an instantaneous, identical response to the emotions the original DNA host experiences. This military research project took DNA swab samples from hosts, isolated the swabbed DNA from the host for up to 50 miles and then subjected the host to controlled visual stimulation of violence and beauty, all the while measuring the host’s electrical/emotional responses. Without fail the isolated swab DNA exhibited identical and instantaneous electrical responses as their host’s DNA exhibited. These experiments were measured by an atomic clock to ensure precision. Would we see similar results testing deceased’s DNA interacting with living relatives?

Location and Shapes: Phillip S. Callahan Ph D has written extensively on shapes, specifically Ireland’s round towers and Egypt’s pyramids as well as ELF (extremely low magnetic fields) and soil composition; revealing their long term affect on human beings. Certain compositions of soil and shapes exert a surprising naturally occurring magnetic field that has an astonishing impact on insect life, plant growth and the human mind. Authors David Cowan and Chris Arnold conducted similar experiments by measuring the magnetic field of all sorts of different shapes, some sacred and many every-day shapes, as well as bodies of water and their long term affect on human health and well being.

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