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Janice Carlson's 2022 Predictions

February 1, 2022 will kick off The Chinese Year of the (Water) Tiger As you may know from my past yearly prediction emails, I employ a unique combination of Chinese astrology, western astrology, tarot cards and psychic ability to formulate my predictions.The good news about 2022 is that it will be kinder to most of us in our personal lives. The bad news is that it may be fairly tumultuous on the national and global levels. The omicron variant is likely to usher out the Covid pandemic, so expect to live life without health lockdowns for much of this year. Enjoy this period of relative normalcy, however, since political turmoil and extreme weather events will rear their ugly heads with increasing frequency in the coming years.

On a Global Level: Tempers will run high and dictators will start to run rampant in the Eastern areas of the globe, so war in the Ukraine is very likely – a war that will probably involve American troops to some extent, even if it’s just with drone strikes. Use of sonic weapons by Russia or China is also likely in such struggles. Expect this to be a year of social unrest and political revolution in several countries, including, to a lesser extent, the U.S. The water in this year of the “Water Tiger” tells me that flooding events will cause island and seaside dwellers to move permanently inland, thereby causing instability and possible violence amongst certain populations. Although this is a water year in Chinese astrology, flames will continue to be a very serious problem throughout the world in the form of wildfires – especially in hot climates and heavily wooded areas. Vineyards and crops will also be destroyed by fire this year. An extraordinarily strong female figure will rise in Asia, one who will challenge the political structure. The dragon-like rise of this person will be highlighted by a celestial event over China, such as a meteoric explosion or bombing from the sky.

On a National Level: Overall, 2022 will be a year of strength and courage for our country. Although it will require shows of force, we will be successful in stamping out a lot of hatred and lawlessness. Because of the Tiger’s stripes, I predict that several highly public figures, whom we thought were untouchable, will be prosecuted and sentenced to prison time. Expect both local and federal governments to become more forceful and swift in prosecuting serious crime. The covid pandemic will wane as more Americans catch less deadly variants of the disease and build-up resistance to it. Getting vaccinated will continue to protect more vulnerable parts of the population, however.

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic seaboard will continue to receive more than their share of snow and rain and the hurricane season will be particularly difficult in the Southeastern U.S., causing many people to move permanently inland. Some parts of Florida and states just north of it will no longer be habitable, due to rising water levels. Likewise, wildfires in the West will force many inhabitants to move farther eastward for keeps. The stealth of the tiger and its camouflaging stripes tell me that authorities must be heavily on guard for undercover terror attacks this year. Much of the political unrest in the U.S. has gone underground and violence will be much more furtive and covert. It is, therefore, a good year for avoiding large crowds and big public events due to possible acts of terrorism. This will be a year of big winners and big losers in the stock market, so invest cautiously! And avoid overspending in 2022. I also do not see inflation improving much in the coming 6 months. Unfortunately for Hollywood, the trend of streaming new movies, rather than going to cinemas to see them, will continue. And the pandemic-induced love affair with wearing sweatpants will endure, so clothes designers will be taking steps to make them look more tailored and formal for public wear. Many people will choose to continue to work from home, if their profession permits it, and dinner parties and home entertaining will become very popular, as opposed to eating out. Expect a lot of political and legal news from March through June. This will be followed by a very noteworthy period in these areas in late autumn.

In Your Personal Life: Autumn is the luckiest and most blessed time of a Tiger year, so expect happier experiences in your personal life in September, October, and November. This will be a much better year than 2021 for those of us who are Earth signs in the zodiac. That includes people born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These folks probably felt that 2021 was filled with a lot of unpleasant surprises, as in my own case as a Taurus. I suffered through a hand surgery (due to an accident), an oral surgery (due to a dying tooth) and a wicked case of poison ivy that lasted for weeks! Expect better luck and better health ahead, fellow Earth signs. Those born under Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the most likely to have to guard against losing your tempers this year. The fiery color of the Tiger’s fur, coupled with your own ire can make you think you’re invulnerable. So, look before you leap, thereby avoiding harm to yourself or others! Fire signs should also do their best not to let others dash their hopes or creative projects this year. The element of water in the Chinese water Tiger can put out the flames of your passions and throw you into a temporary depression. Those born under Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will be the driving forces of 2022. Just make sure you can see far enough down the road to really know where you’re headed and be truly confident in calling the shots in both your personal and professional life. 2022 will please you social Air signs, because you’ll be able to get out and about with people more. Your ability to stay above the fray during almost any conflict will serve you very well this year. Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio usually go with the flow, almost always adapting to any situation. But, in a liquid year, like the Chinese year of the Water Tiger, you may need more anchoring in your life, and you might feel a very strong urge to stay on solid ground. Be especially careful if involved in water sports this year and take heed of any flood-water warnings when driving. If single, this is a year when water signs may become engaged or married. You’ll be more creative than usual, and you’ll be especially good at problem solving. On a less logical front, expect to be more emotional than usual this year and to have less control over showing your feelings to others.

Overall, it will be a particularly good year for all signs to exorcise negative energy and malevolent spirits from their homes and workspaces in a do-it-yourself fashion. This includes activities like burning sage and placing fringed items about the rooms of your house. Expect to have urges to become physically stronger this year through exercise and weightlifting. It is a year when you will impulsively stand strong for what you believe in. But be careful that you don’t unleash your temper on those who don’t deserve it! “Think before you leap,” should become your mantra this year, no matter what your zodiac sign. Also, beware of becoming too cocksure of yourself in 2022. Have the wisdom to consider the consequences before taking bold steps in any area of your life. This especially applies to making impractical wardrobe and interior decorating decisions. Make sure what you buy is something you can live with day in and day out for a long time to come. 2022 will also be a year of speedy learning. So, kids held back by remote learning during the pandemic are likely to have the ability to catch up quickly on their lessons. And those adults who are training for a new job or career will be equally fast at adapting and learning the ropes. The Year of the Tiger is, by the way, a great time for making the jump to a new company or a new career path. You’re likely to have more stamina this year. So, expect to work harder, but also to relax “harder.” You’ll be prone to catnaps and long bouts of conserving your energy while reading or binge watching your favorite TV shows. You are more likely to crave large, hearty meals, rather than turning to snacking and sweets. So, getting leaner and healthier is very favored in 2022, as is waiting longer periods between eating meals. The tiger’s occasional restlessness may cause you to travel more this year and/or to change your place of residence. To sign up for Medium & Psychic Janice Carlson's FREE quarterly newsletter please go to:

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