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Latin American Mothman Sightings

Many hear the name Mothman and think West Virginia, but there are many Mothman sightings outside of the United States, including various countries in Latin America.There's a place called La Cueva de los Murciélagos or La Cueva de Agapito. It's a popular tourist area, where many people hike. In 2020, a man uploaded a picture to his Facebook that ended up going viral. He's standing in an area with the cave behind him, and there's a mysterious flying figure behind him. It has wings, and it looks huge. When he uploaded it, it was shared by many and many commented that it was el hombre pajaro, though skeptics claimed it was just a bird.

According to legend, in this same area, a man saw a similar flying humanoid.

A man named Don Pantaleon was walking his dog in this very area,

when suddenly, his dog began furiously barking at some trees. Don Pantaleon then threw a rock at the direction his dog was barking and that's when he heard giant wings. He then saw a winged humanoid figure fly away . Shortly after this, the patrulla fronteriza (Mexican police) saw and attacked a creature fitting the same description by the Rio Bravo. Many skeptics claim it is simply an unknown bird species. The humanoid figure earned the name El Hombre Pajaro and is said to live in this cave, in the park Huesteca. Some claim the creature is protecting a lost treasure inside the cave.

"Otros dicen que es el guardián del tesoro de Agapito treviño famoso forajido que robaba a los ricos para darle a los pobres y fue ejecutado en el actual centro de Monterrey pero se dice el resto del tesoro esta escondido en un lugar llamado la cueva de los murciélagos sólo se ha explorado poco ya que es muy fácil perderse en ella y ahí vive este personaje tan misterioso y aterrador el hombre pájaro". "Others say it is the guardian of the treasure of Agapito Trevino. A famous thief that robbed the rich to give to the poor, who was executed in Monterrey. They say he hid the rest of his treasure in the cave of bats, which hasn't been explored, because it's easy to get lost and because it is known that a winged creature lives there".

These "Hombre Polilla" sightings predate Mothman sightings from West Virginia.

Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

In 2009, in the city of Chihuahua, there were many who witnessed a Mothman sighting, including a young couple who claims they were chased by the creature. In this occasion, after the sighting, many died from swine flu, and they blame the sighting for this tragedy.

In 2019 in Mexicali, other witnesses claimed to have seen Mothman trying to take a child. In this occasion, he was described as 180 meters in height, feathered, with a human-like face and a look that paralyzes a person. In the same year, in Monclova, Coahuila, a witness was said to suffer a nervous breakdown after seeing Mothman.

In 2020, multiple witnesses in Cuidad Juarez also claimed to have seen Mothman, with many claiming they've seen him here there over the past 20 years.

Santiago, Chile

A flying humanoid figure, believed to be Mothman, has been seen in Santiago, Chile.

In the year 1990, a man named Federico Rojo Feria was on the 19th floor of a building, when he and a coworker, saw a flying humanoid staring at them from outside. They were frozen in fear, paralyzed, like the witnesses from Monclova, Chihuahua (and many other places). Like many other witnesses, the coworker that was with Federico was traumatized & broke ties with him.

In 1993, also in Santiago, a couple reported seeing a creature fitting this description fly over their heads, and when asked about it, they specifically said, they believed it was anything but a bird. In the same area, other witnesses saw it land on a tree. A witness from that neighborhood stated that he saw it and it looked like a person, there was no way it was a bird.

Most Mothman sightings are followed by a tragedy, but this doesn't completely fit that narrative. Although the building that Federico witnessed Mothman in did tragically burn down, it didn't happen until 9 years after the sighting.

Quilino, Argentina

In 2015, in Quilino, Argentina, residents reported a winged humanoid creature roaming the village. It appeared in the middle of the night then vanished. Residents of the little village reported it to the police, but they found nothing after their investigation.

A few days later a fireman and a police officer, were leaving headquarters, when they spotted a hooded figure that matched eyewitness reports. This hooded figure stood up and began to walk to an enclosed terrain. Thinking it could have been a thief they followed. They lost sight of it for a while but then came across it again. It was standing next to a tree looking at them. This hooded creature then flew away leaving them visibly shaken.

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