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Lessons learned from a Contactee Part 2

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller

More on Indrid Cold

Journalist and ufologist Marling wanted to know if Indrid Cold was as friendly as Woodrow Derenberger said he was, then why didn’t the extraterrestrial let the contactee take his picture, or give him something that he could show to satisfy the curious and the skeptics, or at least make an appointment with the Air Force or NASA or some other government organization that could “really pin this thing down?”

“He says it is not the right time, Mrs. Marling,” declared Derenberger, adding that, “He’s been in touch with the head of our government and our military forces agreed to show up at any place agreeable to them. But our government laid down certain stipulations, telling him we’d have to determine when they came, when they could leave and when they could have their ship back. Cold wouldn’t hear of it.”

“Do you see him anyplace other than your home?” the inquisitive Marling asked.

“Oh, yes,” explained Derenberger, “but I never indicate that I recognize him. I’ve seen him on the streets of Parkersburg. We just barely nod. He wears clothes he’s bought right here, at a local department store.”

“Hmm,” Marling mused. “What did he use for money?”

“That’s just what I asked him,” said Derenberger. “He told me that someone around here had something of great value. I could only guess he’d hocked something, but I don’t know.”


Time Traveling Extraterrestrials

Since the space people from Lanulos inhabit the fourth dimension, that of time, just like my friends the Venusians, I am speculating that it would be easy for them to go back into the past, retrieve rare silver and gold coins, and then return to the present where they could secure cash for these items from pawn shops. And without being too obtrusive and knowing the outcome of horse races and lotteries that took place in bygone days, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to time travel to the past and place bets, winning sufficient money to meet their needs without attracting too much attention from the Internal Revenue Service or law enforcement agencies. They could easily blend into our society without the need of obtaining Social Security cards under false pretenses.

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