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Man Kicks Alien And It Split Open

Man kicked alien and it split open A military witness known as ‘TE’ was at the site of a downed UFO and had a face-to-face meeting with two extraterrestrials. He was ready to report his experiences in a Pentagon security skiff but he was threatened. Until his protection can be guaranteed, we only can present his experiences as briefly summarized by Dr. Steven Greer, director of The Disclosure Project. – The editor “TE had this meeting with two of these extraterrestrial biological entities, a male and a female,” Dr. Greer said. “They had no pinnae (outer ears) and had no hair.”

“It was made very clear to TE by these beings that they were completely non-hostile. All extraterrestrial civilizations are non-hostile,” Dr. Greer emphasized. “If they were hostile, the technologies they have would have been made quite clear to us in August of 1945.” At a later date, TE had a quite different experience. He learned his military command was using a fake alien or “Programed Life Form” to conduct abductions and other clandestine activities. He was disgusted and tried to leave his command.

“This is actually a man-made creature,” Dr. Greer explained, “but it’s not living per se. It has a skin-like covering. . . So what happened is that TE’s pickup truck went into sort of a complete lock, motor died, because of this man-made UFO or UAP. He opened the door because he saw this creature which he thought was an alien. It was not and he hit it. It fell. He kicked it and it split open and he saw its integrated circuits and fiber optics.”

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