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Mississippi UFOs And Airborne Spiders Webs


Quite naturally the October 11th 1973 alien abduction case featuring Calvin Parker and

Charles Hickson (Pascagoula, Mississippi) took the headlines in the media at home and

abroad. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that UFO sightings continued, not just in

Mississippi, but across the USA. However, UFO sightings were still coming in from

Mississippi and another peculiar sighting came just ten days after the Hickson/Parker


There was a discussion on social media about the Pascagoula case when a gentleman by the

name of Kevin Garrett joined the discussion with the following account.

Kevin Garrett:

The following is my retyped copy of a letter from my grandfather to my aunt, describing

events in Monticello, MS (about two hours north of the Mississippi gulf coast), just a few

days following the incident in Pascagoula. I remember it happening, but honestly do not

remember any details, except the globs themselves.

Sunday, 6:10 P. M.

​​​​​​​​​​October 21st, 1973

Dear Yvonne & Family:

We received your letter this morning and read it before going to Church. A.D. will write you

telling that we are glad that you have bought a new vehicle. Also, to tell you of other

happenings around here that may be of interest to you.

The purpose of this letter from me is to tell you of our experience last Thursday afternoon. I

was in the yard painting a record cabinet I have made for A.D. and A.D. was in the house

resting. Martha came over to tell us what she had just heard over the radio. She heard the

announcer state that spider-web-like material was falling from the sky in North Mississippi

and that globs had fallen in a woman’s yard and that her dog was lapping it. Martha was

anxious for us to hear the next newscast, so at 4:00 P.M., she brought her small radio over and

we sat in the yard to listen to the news.

Sure enough, the first thing mentioned was that the spidery-webbed substance was then

falling over Jackson. After listening for the 15-minute newscast to the end, I said, well, if

spider webs had gotten to Jackson from North Miss., in that short period of time, we should

be able to see some down this far. It was then about 4:25 P.M. and I was anxious to finish my

painting, which I did. When Martha went home, she was looking up into the sky and,

inasmuch as her TV antenna was almost in front of her, she noticed a silky like thread or web

like stringy something hanging from it. She called us and we all went over to look. There was

another long strand hanging over a tree nearby and while we were looking at this, someone

said, Look! what’s that coming over. From the North or slightly NE, we saw globs of whitish-

silvery looking; odd, shaped UFO’s coming over. At first sighting one, you would think it

was a white bird, then it would reflect its true shape as it passed over. Not knowing the height

from the ground, we cannot guess how large any of them were. They were not all the same

size nor shape. One appeared to be about the size of two 500-gallon butane tanks welded

together lengthwise. Both ends were dome shaped and our guess was that it would have to be

at least six to eight feet in diameter. It had no wings and it made no noise. It did not tumble

over and over, but kept a straight line, lengthwise. Ahead of it was a smaller blob like the

others we saw. The smaller ball or glob was leading the bigger, cigar-like shaped thing, and

we could see stringy-like silvery ribbon strands connecting the smaller to the large thing

trailing. All were traveling at a tremendous speed and we can’t figure out how they traveled

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