Sasquatch A Terrestrial-Extraterrestrial ? by Kewaunee Lapseritis

FATE Issue 726

Wake up! Come outside! Come outside,” a friendly female Sasquatch voice telepathed to my wife Kelly. We were camping in a wilderness area in Washington state where a tribe of forest giants live. On the night of July 7, 2014, the beings woke us up so we would have the opportunity to see a spaceship landing near our tent. However, we lingered while gather- ing our thoughts and missed what could have been a rare view of a spacecraft. We were fortunate enough to hear the craft and see the lights from the ship depart- ing as we stepped out of the tent. The Sasquatch said that three of their people had been dropped off. After 57 years of research in cryptoanthropology, I have discovered the forest giants are really an evolved, nature peo- ple who migrated to earth with the help of friendly Star People millions of years ago, long before hairless humans were “seeded” here (their words). That was in September 1979 when both an ET and Sasquatch spoke to me telepathically. It was the shock of my life! The Sasquatch are actually terrestrial-extraterrestrials. They gave me, my wife, and several other experiencers precisely the same information about where they are from. To date, I have documented 277 percipients who have had ET/Bigfoot/ psy- chic (PSI) encounters. Most experiences are with mental telepathy and 17 percent of encounters involved witnessing ETs, spaceships, or interdimensionalism in conjunction with the Sasquatch contact. Plus, Kelly and I have had astral visits from the Sasquatch, and on occasion, different races of Star People over the years. Our goal has always been to unveil the truth behind this phenomena, not to exploit or acquire empirical proof which pushes the beings away from a researcher, reducing one’s percentages of having a meaningful encounter.

I have discovered that the Sasquatch are more human than we are. They do not start wars; they do not pollute the planet; nor do they kill friends or members of their family. We, as a society, have a lot to learn from them. The only monsters I know are those people who are trying to hunt and harass them. Some people would murder a Sasquatch even though they do not know who or what they are killing. The forest giants are interdimensional hairy people and do not have fur like animals. The Sasquatch can dematerialize to elude hunters, plus can walk through a portal, an invisible door that leads to another world layered on top of our limited three-dimensional one. The precise reason all the “experts” have been stymied after nearly 60 years of intense searching is because researchers are look- ing for an animal that doesn’t exist. The Sasquatch People are a hundred times more intelligent than so-called modern man. The prejudice toward these hairy people is appalling and disgraceful. If one doesn’t understand it, don’t kill it—be- friend it instead without the negative monster label. That is what Kelly and I did. This peaceful, non-threatening field methodology has been working successfully for 35 years now. Like attracts like. This is a truism with sensitive Sasquatch research. Camera and Gun Free Sasquatch Research My wife and I have observed both ETs and Sasquatch together. Contactees Andrew Robson and Todd Michael have also been experiencing the psychic Sasquatch with an ET/UFO connection. There are hundreds of more experiencers from around the world that contact me to tell of their encounters as well. The Sasquatch People continue to clandestinely help con- tactees in a friendly manner. In turn, the four of us and many others publicly speak the truth concerning who and what the forest beings really are. Psychic communication is the KEY. No guns or hidden cameras or negative emotions allowed. Unwittingly, on an unconscious level, a person telepaths to a Sasquatch while planning an expedition forewarning the man-creature that the hunter is coming. Harboring fear is also detrimental. So why not wittingly telepath friendly emotions without being conditional or having a selfish motive? Anyone who tries to trick them will not have another chance. The forest giants command respect with their profound psychic ability. They are the ones in control, not us. These profoundly evolved nature people can master several facets in the application of quantum physics. Some can even shape-shift. The manipulation of PSI in relation to the physical world is the forest people’s greatest survival skill used to evade hostile, not- so-modern man. In June 1983, while on an expedition in central Wisconsin, a Sasquatch told me telepathically that a spaceship would be letting off some of his people between 1 PM and one AM in two days. Since I had to be back to work in Milwaukee, I asked the family I was staying with not to tell any- one else about the Sasquatch’s message. However, they told all their friends and neighbors! Several people in two cars drove the back roads looking for anything unusual. Shortly after midnight, while rounding a bend in the road, a glowing spaceship was observed in a field by eleven witnesses. The craft suddenly shot vertically into the night-time sky and disappeared. As the beam of lights from the second car pulled up behind the first one, an eight to ten foot tall Sasquatch was seen ambling into the woods from where the ship had initially landed. Later, I inter- viewed every witness separately and received exactly the same detailed information with a lot of charged emotions while describing the event. Sasaquatch Healers The Bigfoot/UFO connection is not a theory or concept, it is based on three and a half decades of documentation, plus my ongoing, personal encounters. Most experiences are psychic in nature and in- volved telepathic communication about healings, the importance of resolving karma, instructions for writing books for them, instructions for a more effective ap- proach to meditation used by ETs, sharing of certain healing practices, and patiently giving wise spiritual counseling. In early 2012, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When I told my Sasquatch guide about my malady, he prescribed a specific herbal formula. Then he told our friends, the Star People, so they could speed up the healing process. The Star- Beings took me six times, and after a few months, I was completely healed. My relationship with these interdimensional people has always been positive and sym- biotic. In May 1989, a man called me at 2:50 AM to say that his wife was dying of an asthmatic attack. For four days, the exhausted woman could barely breathe, and could not eat, sleep, or talk since the episode greatly weakened and debilitated her. The distressed woman had been to a medical doctor, a naturopathic physician, an acupuncturist, even took medicinal herbs with still no results. While I was driving through the wilderness to visit this woman, a Sasquatch telepathed to me that he heard the phone conversation from the husband in despair. I asked him for help in saving the woman’s life. He told me that he was above me in a ship with some of his people and with ETs, that I was not to worry and they would assist me in a shamanic ritual. After arriving at the ailing woman’s home, I asked her husband to shut the door and not to disturb us. The sight of the young, dying woman scared me. As I prayed and spiritually prepared for the ritual, two ETs and three Sasquatch appeared behind me in a semi-circle. When I reached out to touch the woman, an in- tense electrical energy shot through my system as if it was sent from a powerful vibrator. To my amazement, the woman let out a gentle sigh and instantly began to breathe normally. She still appeared exhausted and her eyes were sunken into her head after days of laborious breathing and not eating, but she was able to take a normal, life-giving breath. She was healed! Her husband was elated. I never told him what actually occurred in the room. His wife was in a semi-conscious state and had no knowl- edge that I was a mere conduit, and that my interdimensional friends were the source of her healing with God’s help. A year later, I met the same woman while grocery shopping. She looked healthy and happy. Previously, she had two to three asthmatic attacks a month. Surprisingly, she reported that she no longer has asthma or any respiratory problems whatsoever. My kindly ET friends used me to save another person’s life. They are hardly anyone to fear, and they don’t deserve to be hunted. All my encounters with them have always been loving, insightful, and profound. Portal Travelers The day after my wife and I received communication from the forest people while camping, we investigated a portal deep in the forest. I have discovered that they use these portals for safety as they are doorways to a parallel world. In the past, I have camped beside four different portals, and at night, I would hear both heavy footfalls from the Sasquatch Peo- ple as well as a strange unintelligible language. When Kelly and I approached the portal on July 8th 2014, we discovered a 13-inch Sasquatch track. Within minutes, a female forest being named Tamala appeared and began a conversation with my wife. She explained that she was the mate of Chief Sissesqua. Their tribe (as they de- scribe themselves) inhabited the area. Then two small hairy children peaked from behind a tree. They looked at us apprehensively. Suddenly, there was the loud sound of four-wheelers somewhere on the rugged dirt road echoing behind us. The youngsters quickly withdrew in fear. But the mother nonchalantly told them, “It’s okay, it’s just a couple of rednecks making noise.” This remark humored us both. When Kelly inquired about Tamala’s use of the work “redneck,” she was told that they have heard this word from hu- mans. The forest giants use it as a descriptive word to explain human behavior and characteristics rather than as an insult. They liken the word “redneck” to our use of the word “bigfoot” to describe their race. Of course, to them, their feet are normal just as exhibiting destructive behavior is normal to humans. I was taken twice through a portal but cannot remember what I experienced. The giants said they took me through to their world but brought me back at the exact same time as if the experience never happened. The beings said that I was given knowledge that will be revealed at another time. This somewhat frustrated me as I was unable to report on my visit. This event took place in Oklahoma in March 2006. Just before they took me, I counted twelve spaceships over a two-hour period. One of them was at treetop level, about 60 or 70 yards behind my camp. Unbeknownst to me, on that very same night, two turkey hunters were camped in the forest approximately one hundred yards behind me. At 4:45 in the morning, while making coffee, the two woodsmen became scared out of their wits when a spaceship was seen slowly gliding over the tree tops heading straight for them. When it stopped directly above them, sending down an intense beam of light, the two men scrambled for their camper and went speeding down the road. As they came around a curve in the road, they were shocked to view a ten- foot-tall Sasquatch standing right in front of them! They were driving too fast to stop. Just as they were about to collide, the man-creature turned and faced them...then faded, disappearing into an- other dimension. In essence, their vehicle drove right through the hairy man. There are many more psychic and paranormal encoun- ters with a UFO connection occurring all over North America, but the majority of experiencers are not talking publicly for fear of ridicule. William James said, “It takes only one white crow to prove that not all crows are black.” Analogously speaking, I have documented 277 white crows! That’s not em- pirical proof, but it is strong evidence not to be ignored. In 1989, in North- west coastal Oregon, I interviewed a woman who lived with her family on an isolated ranch. The witness stated that during the daytime hours, a spaceship landed in her driveway. Previously, the Sasquatch People had talked to her several times, but she was afraid of ETs. The woman built up her courage and stepped outside. The witness said there were no visible windows or doors on the craft. Then, like magic, she was standing in front of an open door on the ship. A pleasant-looking human-like figure stepped forward. He told her not to be afraid. The witness was startled to see a Sasquatch standing several feet behind the ET, inside the craft. The incident was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for documentation. How many more percipients have had these profound encounters but are not sharing their stories?

Seeking The Wrong Creature Conservative big- foot researchers are still in denial of a psychic Sasquatch with a con- nection to UFOs. They remain busy looking for a monster that does not exist, which is precisely why all the experts have not progressed in their research for more than a half century. Aggression pushes the forest people away. A kind and loving heart at- tracts them. I have seen fear and hostile intent in people which received a negative response from the forest giants. Be- cause I have been personally contacted by the hairy people well over a thousand times in 35 years, and intermittently have visitations from seven different races of Star People, I can emphatically state that the Sasquatch People are indeed terrestrial-extraterres- trials! Yet, my primary concern is the importance of the message behind the phenomenon. These beings advocate forgiving others, walking in unconditional love and to stop destroying the planet, going to war, and harming each other. Sasquatch researchers should become more creative by revamping their field methodology to something more viable, friendly, and realistic without guns and cameras. Whatever a person is holding onto in their heart, whether it be positive or negative thoughts, that is precisely what they are unconsciously projecting to these sentient beings. Everything must be done with integrity if there is to be success. This research is heartfelt and highly sensitive. When I became too analytical and intellectual, my woodsy friends would say, “Little brother, get out of your head and back into your heart.” Both the Sasquatch People and Star People operate strictly from a heart space. From this perspective, the crypto-anthropologists; UFOlogists; paranormalists; cryptozoologists; and all aficionados would benefit from synthesizing and revising their concepts to a more evolved, non-violent approach if we are to progress into the next stage of an al- truistic and compassionate society worthy of being called “human.”

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