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The Bob White Story

In the story of Bob White, he and a friend were driving from Denver to Las Vegas.

Along their journey a bright light appeared in the desert sky.

As the two got closer, it became more brilliant. When they stopped the car, got out to look, and turned their high beams on it shot up into the sky. Once up in the sky, it connected to another set of lights, and fired a mysterious object into the ground. After the object had cooled Bob retrieved it from the impact site. From there, tests were performed on the object at Los Alamos National Laboratory along with New Mexico Tech and MIT.

From polygrams, to electron microscopy, to metallurgical analysis, here is hard evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

About the Author

Bob White came from a poor family of eight in Jackson Country, Missouri. When he was twelve, his father died, and Bob was considered old enough to work. He has worked hard ever since. He has been a musical entertainer most of his life (under the name Frank James) and has recorded three albums.

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