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The Gods of Eden

An ET Hypothesis & the Suppression of Truth’

Our Genesis is something of a mystery. While there are two schools of thought surrounding

the evolution of our species, we are still met with a barrage of contradicting data which does

little in the way in us categorically knowing for sure how it all happened. Religion within its

restricted approach believes that a supreme being called God was responsible surrounding the

formation of Man via supernatural means, while science vehemently denies any wonderment

or mystery, and considers that all nature, along with the ‘Human’ and universe is attributed to

a mere, cosmic accident. While religious ideology promotes order, science sticks to the

official narrative encompassing the chaos theory. It seems that it would take nothing less than

organisation, as opposed to disorder, to bring about the subsequent emergence of not only the

hominid, but all life within its spectacular glory, as well as the mysterious universe in which

we dwell. Much of our history, (although steeped in so-called myth and legend) may direct

us to a more coherent picture of Man’s overall creation, along with a warring faction of Gods

not from this world. After all, there’s no smoke without fire, and much of our history has

been buried so deep, only a simplified version is recounted as the official narrative within

both academia and religious ideology. Although most of the scientific establishments will

outwardly reject the hypothesis that we could possibly be a by-product of engineering via

extraterrestrial intelligence, along with the sacred sectors, this idea might not appear as

farfetched as first considered. And in at least speculating just such a hypothesis may connect

some of the dots regarding a species known as the ‘Greys’ which appear prevalent within the

UFO community of today, and not some 250,000 years ago when the cradle of civilisation

was thought to have developed by an altogether different pantheon of so-called Gods; at least

from the viewpoint of eminent scholar, researcher and author, Zecharia Sitchin within his

chronicles surrounding a race of beings known as the Anunnaki.

Throughout history, numerous models of the hominid have been discovered, varying in

height and cranium size, and science continually promotes the idea that we had evolved from

our cousin, the ape, as the Darwin school-of-thought endorses. Yet, how can this explain the

radical remodification in intelligence within the Human which suddenly sprang onto the

scene circa 4000 B.C and 3000 B.C? Surely, nature would have seen to the extinction of our

former cousin, and whichever primate we had allegedly progressed from! Current data

categorically shows that there is no proof that we are a descendant from apes, but it could be

theorised that a primate’s DNA was used and combined with that of an extraterrestrial’s to

create the hybrid of Man – or better known as Adam. The sudden rise of Homo Sapiens

appears totally at odds within our evolutionary model, leading us to suspect that our present-

day species sprang onto the stage of life literally overnight.

Within religious scriptures, Heaven and Earth are referenced continuously, and the overall

theme indicates warring factions between Angels, Demons, a vengeful God, along with

talking animals, miracles, and so forth. Many within the sacred sectors consider that any

recurrence of such dramas referenced within the Bible cannot be repeated in modern times.

However, such supernatural incidences, along with the sighting of UFOs are still as prevalent

in our world today as they had been back then, although we are more inclined to consider

such phenomena with a more intellectual viewpoint in ascertaining just what such

singularities are and where they originate from, and not something accepted as mere miracles

or the work of the Devil. Although supernatural occurrences are labelled in departments such

as the ‘Occult’ or ‘Ufology,’ we know enough to assume that such phenomenon is not as

ethereal as we have been led to believe, and something which science is happy to promote

because these forces cannot be measured or tested in a laboratory. Yet, the facts as they

remain indicates flaws within the genus of Man through the two simplified versions promoted

via varied establishments of so-called knowledge. The origins of the Bible have been subtly

changed over the epochs to enforce a more rigid doctrine, promoting fear and mental

subjugation and, perhaps, a complete turnaround to deliberately cast aside any suggestion that

ETs may have developed the Human, and, thus, allowing such strict models of belief to be

enforced which gives little in the way of mental advancement on our part. Science, on the

other hand, continually denounces such ideas when discovered by researchers, and are happy

to ridicule or destroy the character and work of those persons who dare step over that line

where the judiciously composed blueprint which promotes only the authorised account is

concerned. Of course, we can see this in all aspects of our world, ranging from free energy,

holistic treatments, to name but a few areas which the System we serve has vehemently

overruled in its quest for profit and control over the betterment of our species. Those

nameless, faceless bureaucrats who hide within the shadows are, themselves, guiding us all

into a spiritual cul-de-sac, and one which will eventually destroy the very foundation of

reason; and an area which I firmly believe is their goal. The truth, so they say, is far more

revealing than the foolish and sanitised version we have been led to believe, and blatantly

contradicts the entire narrative the System continually administers.

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