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The Other Side Is Just a Phone Call Away

FATE Magazine Dec 2006

It’s a typical day in the New World. You check your phone messages, and find several from people who are living —and several from people who are dead. In your email box are similar messages from the living and dead, as well as emails from beings in other dimensions. And your computer has a new file of helpful information, materialized overnight by ethereal beings who are help- ing you with a project. Sound far-fetched? Picking up your cell phone to call Mom on the Other Side is not a reality yet, but research advances in electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental transcommunication (ITC) are pointing in that direction. Science remains skeptical, but researchers who are dedicated to this work—as well as people who have had startling and comforting contacts— know that survival and communication between the living and the dead are real. What’s more, bridges have been formed to other realms inhabited by higher spiritual beings—ethereals—and also beings who identify themselves as extraterrestrials.

The cutting-edge research of some of the best of the best EVP and ITC re- searchers from around the world was presented recently by the American Association-Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA- EVP) at its international conference in Atlanta. One of the priorities of the AA-EVP is providing solid data to scientists. “This conference went a long way to establishing credibility in our field,” said Tom Butler, a communications engineer who co-directs the AA-EVP with his wife, Lisa Butler, a psychologist. Researchers are improving their techniques and getting higher quality data. But ultimately the real success will depend not on machines, but on the consciousness of the people using the machines.

EVP and ITC in a Nutshell

EVP is the recording of voices for which there is no natural or scientific explana- tion. The voices are not audible during recording, but appear on playback. ITC evolved from EVP, and includes unex- plained phenomena involving all kinds of high technology in addition to recorders: television sets, computers, telephones, fax machines, and so forth. Voices, photos, im- ages, computer files, and faxes appear to be transdimensional communications, or “transcommunications,” that is, sent from the higher realms to the physical. That includes the realm of the dead and other dimensions populated by higher beings. Some call these beings angels; in ITC they are referred to as ethereal beings. They have no physical form and are more evolved than humans. Some experimenters receive contacts from higher beings, but the majority of EVP contacts are deceased humans. Ever since the invention of the phono- graph and tape recorder, people have tried to capture“spirit voices,”especially on tape. EVP took off in the 1960s when Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish opera singer, pub- lished a book about his tape recordings of spirit voices, which he had accidentally discovered in 1959 while trying to record bird songs. The voices on his tapes manifested on playback, not during recording. Jurgenson’s work inspired another giant in the EVP field: Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist and philosopher. Rau- dive recorded more than 100,000 voices. Now passed over to the Other Side, he communicates frequently with EVP and ITC researchers. The AA-EVP was founded in 1982 by Sarah Estep, initially a skeptic about survival. Estep’s communications turned her into a believer, and she went on to record thousands of voices herself, both from the dead and from “space beings.” In 2000 Estep turned the AA-EVP over to the Butlers, long-time researchers who were drawn into the field by Estep’s work and also the pass- ing of Lisa’s father. An early pioneer of ITC was George Meek, an American engineer who in the 1970s teamed with a medium, William O’Neill, to create a device called Spiricom, which enabled two-way conversations be- tween the living and the dead. In the 1980s, a Luxembourg couple, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and Jules Fischbach, began experimenting with electromagnetic tape. They were contacted by ethereal beings who called themselves The Seven, part of a fraternity called the Rainbow People, who were interested in facilitating interdimensional communication. The Seven work in Time Stream, a collaboration of nonhuman beings and the human dead willing to work with the human living to form a bridge across realities. Key to the success of this communication, they said, is the consciousness and purity of motives of the living researchers. Jules and Maggy formed the Cercle d’E- tudes sure la Transcommunication (CETL) in 1985. After receiving major break- throughs in TV, radio, computer, and phone contacts, they joined with U.S. researcher Mark Macy to forge the International Network for Instrumental Transcom- munication (INIT) in 1995. The new field of ITC research spread around the world. In 2001 INIT became dormant and Macy founded Today, EVP has become a household term thanks to the media popularity of ghost-hunting shows, films such as White Noise, and to the persistence of researchers like Estep and the Butlers. Paranormal investigators try to capture EVP at haunted locations, usually by placing digital recorders at a site and letting them run. The media show only the tip of the EVP ice- berg, however. Most researchers agree that films such as White Noise, with its fictional demonic emphasis, have done the field more of a disservice than a service in educating the public. EVP and ITC have come a long way since the days of reel-to-reel and cassette tape recording, and involve far more than plunking equipment into a setting and catching voices and images. They comprise “etheric studies,” said Tom Butler, involving mind-to-mind etheric connection be- tween the human etheric self and nonphysical people and beings. The living actually are the mechanism by which the nonphysical can manifest in the physical world.

Technology How are EVP and ITC data transmit- ted? No one knows yet for certain, but communicators appear to modulate noise matrices provided by experimenters. For example, a video camera connected to a television set creates a feedback loop that produces a sort of visual static that communicators can manipulate to form images . Similarly, a telephone hooked to a computer produces background noises that can be modulated into words. Sonia Rinaldi, one of the leading researchers in Brazil, uses a video camera and computer in a mirrored hookup to create optical noise for the manifestation of images. Pictures also have appeared on televisions sets that are turned off. Recordings of EVP have been made under Faraday room conditions, environments totally shielded from electromagnetic interference. This rules out the possibility of picking up stray radio and cell phone signals, a favorite claim of skeptics. EVP also has been impressed on recording devices without the need of microphones. For example, Alexander Mac- Rae, a Scottish engineer, has done ground- breaking work recording EVP on a device he invented: a biofeedback machine connected to a radio. EVP and ITC have been analyzed with forensics software by IL Laboratorio in Italy, founded in 2001. According to Paolo Presi, who directs the laboratory, forensics voice analyses demonstrate that the sounds made by EVP voices are sometimes impossible to reproduce by the human vocal chords. Face recognition software has been used to correctly match ITC faces with photos of the deceased. Some of the most unusual visual ITC work was presented at the conference by Alan and Diane Bennett, English mediums who participated in the famous Scole group mediumship experiments several years ago. The Bennetts photograph natural crys- tals at high magnification. Faces and im- ages appear in the matrix of the crystals. Sonia Rinaldi. Quartz yields the best results. The technique was inspired by a visionary dream in which an entity showed Alan a crystal. Spirit Faces A highlight of the AA-EVP conference was the opportunity to have photographs taken with Mark Macy’s luminator, a device that seems to facilitate the appearance of spirit faces in Polaroid photos. The luminator is a subtle energy device invented by Patrick Richards of Michigan. It is tall and narrow, like a large stereo speaker. Inside is a Plexiglas barrel lined with rings filled with water-based liquid that acts like crystal. The liquid is programmed by consciousness—it stores intention. Also inside are two counter-rotating fans that pull air into the unit at the bottom and blow it out at the top, creating a vortex within the device. There are nine luminators in existence, and Macy uses the only one programmed exclusively for spirit photography. The others are used in psychotherapy. Macy ac- quired his luminator in 1999. The subtle energy programming of the luminator changes the “atmosphere” in a room, creating a sort of noise matrix for the impression of images on film. When spirits manifest, the photo is blurry, as though another face is trying to superimpose upon the face of the subject. The spirit faces can be full or partial. Macy has experimented with different lighting and envi- ronments and has found low indoor light to be the most effective. Macy took two Polaroid photographs of all conference participants who volunteered; some had interesting results and others did not. Some persons recognized spirit faces that appeared; other faces were of unknown identity. One of my own pho- tographs was unusual, and appeared to have a male face superimposed on part of my image. Macy gave an overview of ITC and his own involvement in research. In 1988 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. “With death staring me in the face, I suddenly had to know about life after death,” he said. He met Meek in 1991, then Jules and Maggy and other researchers. ITC changed his life. Work with the luminator is the newest phase of his research, described in his new book: Spirit Faces: Truth About the Afterlife. Many of the high-level ITC contacts from other realms have dropped off since 2001, Macy said. Maintaining a rapport with the finer spiritual realms requires harmony and purity of intent among re- searchers, qualities that are difficult to sustain in human relationships. That became

evident as squabbles led to a break-up of INIT. The ethereal beings who are partic- ipating in “the project”—building bridges between our world and finer spiritual realms—have pulled back and are waiting for the right signals of consciousness. Macy is confident that humans will soon step up to the plate. “New frontiers of science will take us into the multi-dimensional,” said Macy. “By the end of the century, we will have a new science based on spiritual prin- ciples in which time, space, and gravity are reduced to illusory aspects of a more substantial reality of consciousness.”

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