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The Wax Hands of Kluski

Stevie Tombstone - 12/07/21

The world of Spiritualism and Physical Mediumship has long been subject to scrutiny by skeptics and infiltrated by those who wish to take advantage of those who seek contact or solace.

One example although not impossible are the wax molds made during seances with professed medium Franek Kluski. He is still a subject of great controversy.

In 1920 Kluski conducted seances where a bowl of warm paraffin wax was placed on the table in front of him. In these sessions it is claimed that spirits dipped their materialized hands or other limbs on the wax and then into a bowl of cool water . The result was a cast of the hand , foot , etc. Although not performed in a controlled atmosphere these molds were quite convincing at the time. Perhaps some still are. In the case of purported child’s hands being left as an example that the molds could not be made my anyone present in the room even by deception. Death masks and funeral casts weren’t uncommon in the day so there was a definite doubt as to whether these molds are authentic.

Quite often phenomena is inconsistent and unable to be called upon unless the right conditions are present. The subject is then compelled to perpetuate the phenomena or be disbelieved? Or is it the uncovering of a fraud. This very question is often the window to the writers/observers curiosity.

Kluski claimed that his abilities first manifested in childhood. At that time his real name was Teofil Modrzejewski (1873-1943). During this period he claims to have had a psychological awakening and became Franek Kluski.

Kluski drew the attention of many high profile skeptics and experts of the time including Gustav Geley, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Geley a physician, psychical researcher and director of the Institute Metapsychique International spearheaded many investigatory sessions and experiments documenting and or disproving Kluski claims of special abilities. Doyle and Geley both objecting to the use of a rubber glove in some of the recreations followed by a demonstration by Harry Houdini that the effect could be recreated without these means. Many other famous illusionists also claim to have been able to reproduce the effect. Many of the manifestations of early physical mediums have been proven to be fake . However there are documented cases and examples of ectoplasm , physical contact and visual documentation of spiritual beings manifested during seances in modern times.

Although the molds are not the only area of Kluskis abilities but surely the most remembered. He displayed a wide variety of manifestations.

These sessions from 1918 to 1925 raised awareness of the afterlife and the definite possibilities of a connection by some to the other realms as a conduit or catalyst. The controversy only fueled the enigma .

Since that time his name has surfaced and the purported molds are on display to this day. The book Other realities details his life work with the most permanent paranormal object the molds and beyond. You can still read the original manuscript of Gustav Geley Materialized Hands Published in the Scientific American Vol 129. Or on the web

Physical Mediumship is alive and well today, the connection with the other dimensions of existence is undeniable yet unquantifiable in present day even with modern technology.



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