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'Time Traveller' Spotted

From The Mirror UK

While some people believe in time travel, others do not. But this picture claims to have caught a 'time traveller' jumping between time zones. The 1940s beach picture shows Brits enjoying a day at the beach during World War II, but one man seems out of place.

He's standing in a brown suit, looking at what appears to be a modern-day smartphone - something not seen in the 1940s. This has led some social media users to nickname him the "texting time traveller". However, others have dismissed these claims as 'ridiculous', suggesting he's simply rolling a cigarette. Despite this, some insist that the photo is proof "that time travel is real".

One user dismissed the theory, saying: "I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!" But, other old photos have sparked debates among those who believe in time travel, with a video from 1938 claiming to have finally captured 'proof' of time travel. In the footage, a young woman can be seen holding something to her ear as she walks towards the camera.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the woman was caught on film talking on a mobile phone, long before such technology existed. The woman can be seen chatting while walking in a crowd, with the device held to her ear. She then lowers it before the clip ends. As the stylishly dressed woman lowers the object from her ear, it appears to be a dark, hand-sized item, similar in size to a modern mobile phone. The mystery deepened when a YouTuber claimed that the woman in the video was their great-grandmother and that she was actually using a mobile phone. According to YouTube user Planetcheck, the device was an experimental wireless phone developed by industrial giant Dupont at their factory in Leominster, Massachusetts.


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