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Torus System of the Universe

I have discovered the Torus System of the Universe, something completely unknown to modern science, but already described as “Prana” in the millennia old Vedas (UNESCO Heritage of Humanity), as “Qi” in China (acupuncture is based on it), as “Pneuma” in ancient Greece, as “Anima” in Latin (Rome), as “Od” in Germanic mythology, as “Ruach” in Hebrew, as “Ruh” in the Islamic world, as “Mana” in Polynesia, and as “Orenda” among the North American First Nation.

But please let me start telling you shortly from the beginning:

In September 1986 I was on watch as Officer on the navigating bridge of a merchant ship, far out at open Sea, when our ship suddenly and unexpectedly was captured by a strange vibration, which led me to an OM-experience.

In this way, completely unintentionally, I became an eyewitness to the „absolute reality” described in the Vedas, and after more than thirty years of intensive research this finally enabled me to decipher the scientific statements of the Vedas.

The result, illustrated with a multitude of colored images, can be found in Part 1 of my book „The Decryption of the Vedas” (

The trial application of the deciphered Vedic Science to the pyramids revealed to me, almost as a by-product of my research, how the pyramids worked.

A detailed and also richly illustrated description of the pyramid technology can be found in Part 2 of „The Decryption of the Vedas”.

Knowing how the pyramids worked then enabled me to build a pyramid antenna (made of metal) with the same physical properties as the large pyramids (made of stone). And with this small metal pyramid antenna I discovered the electromagnetic Torus System of our Universe, from which, according to the Vedas, our perceptible reality arises (galaxies, sun systems, planets, matter …).

The discovery of the Torus System of our Universe is documented in my book „The Vedic World Formula“ (

Translated from Sanskrit, „Prana” means „subtle energy”, so quantum energy.

I discovered this old mystical concept „Prana” now physically, scientifically.

It is a quantum flux which flows through the Torus system of our Universe.

The Torus system of our Universe is the river bed, so to say, and the Prana is the water, which flows through that “river bed”.

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