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UFO Anniversaries

Every year I search my Case for UFOs book for anniversaries to start the new year off with.

This year’s article includes incidents end in the year two ranging from Constantine to the Battle of LA to Washington DC to Malmstrom AFB to Congress:

1. Constantine saw a UFO on October 28 312 AD which looked like the sign of a

cross and Constantine won his battle and established Christianity as the official


2. The word “star ship” first appeared in English in the 1882 book by John

Newbrough entitled Oahspe: the New Bible. The 900 page book was written from

visions from the spirit world during automatic writing.

3. The first space travel movie was released in 1902 by Georges Melies called A

Trip to the Moon.

4. Did Tesla’s1902 wireless transmissions from Waldenclyffe alert aliens to our


5. The February 25, 1942 Battle of LA was the first time our government fired on a

UFO, denied their existence and used the weather balloon excuse. There were six

civilian deaths that night; three from the shells and three from heart attacks. The

Defense Department denied any record of the event. General George Marshall issued a

memorandum on March 5, 1942 that a saucer was recovered off the coast and that it

was not earthly. The memo was released in 1974. He also ordered the creation of a

special Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. A July 22, 1947 memo refers to the IPU after

the Roswell crash and a briefing of Eisenhower and Kennedy. The IPU was deactivated

in the late 50’s with all records transferred to the AF.

6. The first Foo Fighter was reported by Lt Roman Sabinski on March 25, 1942 off

the coast of Holland. They mysteriously seemed to respond to the pilots thoughts. Orbs,

Foo Fighters and balls of light are all demonic entities. Lucifer was an angel of light

and can masquerade as an angel of light.

7. On February 2, 1952, the USS Philippine Sea tracked on radar and eye witnesses

saw a UFO travelling at 1800 MPH that stopped and reversed direction.

8. On July 2, 1952, a dozen UFOs were filmed over Tremonton Utah by Navy photographer Delbert C. Newhouse. A little more than a minutes worth of color film

was taken and the Navy Photo Lab concluded that the objects moved between 470 and

3780 MPH and changed light intensity and were intelligently controlled.

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