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Waimata Valley An Alien Sightseeing Hotspot.

Tony Lucas 2022

On the way down the valley a reddish orange ball of light passed over the car and

disappeared into the distance. It was only under regressive hypnosis that what followed the witnesses contact with the boot was finally revealed.

The witness must have slept for about half an hour after the contact with the metallic booted figure when she was awoken by a bright white light shining into her eyes, its origin was a disc-like craft with a dome on top that was hovering over some nearby trees.

The object was white, with yellow lights on its underside and on the dome on top of the craft;

red light was also emitted from the object as well.

Both women found themselves moving along a beam of light which gave a feeling of pressure

towards the strange craft.

They both found themselves in a small round room lying on horizontal slabs that were near a panel of differing-coloured lights.

Present in the room was a perfectly normal looking humanoid dressed in off white overalls and white boots.

A medical examination was performed and then the witness and the humanoid conducted a

pleasant conversation telepathically.

The nature of this conversation was not


revealed in the hypnosis session as every time the

witness was pressed about its content, she became markedly agitated almost to the point of violence.

After the conversation, the women were both returned to the hillside they had been taken

from and the object left the area at high speed. The whole experience had lasted about 2 hours.

Subsequently the woman both refused to endure any more regressive hypnosis sessions.

A brief time after the incident the witness awoke one morning unable to walk.

Her doctor performed a barrage of tests and diagnosed the problem as radiation sickness.

The affliction lasted for some time during which she was unable to eat (only sipping fluids through a straw), and her hair thinned.

What also makes this unusual is that the object that abducted them was seen from a farmhouse on

the other side of the valley at the same time and in the same position as the events took place

and the farmer noted it in his diary.

On December 2nd, 1977, a farmer heard his dogs barking and went to investigate, he saw a

landed craft and two humanoid figures wearing close fitting silver metallic overalls, they each wore white motorcycle like helmets and had red glowing boots.

Being carried between them was one of the farmer’s dogs. To stop them the farmer fired at

them and wounded one of the occupants of the craft.

Both dropped the dog and the wounded one sought cover in nearby bushes, while its companion fled to the craft which accelerated away at high speed.


Jimmy JO Mileski
Mar 11, 2022

I hope that the farmer tried to negotiate his dog's release before blasting his weapon. If not, no wonder they hate earthlings.

But if one of the spacecrafters was wounded and ran to hide in the bushes, it doesn't seem to imply much obligation to care about the welfare of others if the uninjured one just hopped in the spacecraft and flew away.

Mar 13, 2022
Replying to

they apparently dorpped the dog being one of the farmers favorites i should hope unhurt.

Strange thing was the one that got away was seen in the area on and off for months. It is also said there were lights going up the valley beaming lights as if searching for something.

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