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Interspecies communication may seem like magic but that is only because you don’t know how to do it yourself yet. Jacquelin Smith’s book, Animal Communication—Our Sacred Connection, is so clearly written that anyone can begin to practice and develop a technique on their own. It is so complete and comprehensive that it will take you far along the path of animal communication and understanding. I found it fascinating.—Anitra Frazier, author of The Natural Cat, a holistic guide Jacquelin Smith’s book, Animal Communication—Our Sacred Connection, is more than a book on animal communication, although it covers that ground well in an artful weaving of true stories into a larger tapestry of life and the energy streams that connect all species. It is an intimate and personal account that uplifts the reader while moving them gently into a new paradigm where every being’s unique perspective and contribution is acknowledged and appreciated. Grounded, joyful, and honest, this is a must read for the animal lover and anyone ready to live on the leading edge of thought and intuition.—Joanne Lauck, author of The Voice of the Infinite in the Small: Revisioning the Insect-Human Connection Jacquelin’s book, Animal Communication—Our Sacred Connection, gives practical advice and exercises for learning how to communicate with animals. Her book will help you deepen your connection to animals. If you would like to have a better understanding of the intelligence and emotional needs of our animal companions, I highly recommend you read Jacquelin Smith’s delightful book.—Linda Tellington Jones, author of The Tellington TTouch and many other books

Animal Communication: Our Sacred Connection


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