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The Buckland Romani Tarot follows the traditional form of the

tarot, but incorporates the Gypsy forms and symbols that permeated

the author’s upbringing. Anyone who is familiar with

older cards will enjoy this refreshing new approach, and anyone

new to the tarot will enjoy the ease of use and down-toearth

nature of this attractive deck. Included are fresh, insightful

interpretations tailored to these unique cards, which are

here presented in full color.

Many books on the tarot are so obscure and complex that they

end up discouraging everyone but the advanced practitioner. In

contrast, here is a book that is written in simple language that

makes reading and studying the tarot a joy.

In addition, this book relates fascinating historical facts about

the Gypsies. Discover how, in their wanderings, they have preserved

the arcane wisdom of many lands and civilizations.

The Buckland Romani Tarot and Book


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