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Feb 21, 201911 min

The Disruption Agent Men

Updated: Jun 25

By Steve Erdmann

There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow

Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Beware of pretty faces that you find
A pretty face can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or you'll give yourself away
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow

Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Lyrics from "Secret Agent Man" written by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri.

In the book, JFK & UFO Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-up from Maury Island to Dallas,Kenn Thomas concentrates on the UFO connection with shadowy figures going back to the June 21, 1947 sighting of six large doughnut-shaped aircraft and the dumping of fragments into the Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington.


“The story of the Maury Island case resides in that nexus of Para politics and popular culture,” says Thomas. “…the case itself comes and goes in the popular memory. The release of Oliver Stone’s movie JFK in 1991, for instance, reminded many of the national brouhaha first brought on by Jim Garrison’s 1968 investigation of John Kennedy’s murder and taught many others about it for the first time. Stone’s movie carefully noted that Garrison believe the man he wound up prosecuting, New Orleans business man Clay Shaw, represented only a toehold on a much larger conspiracy.”

Aside from the six UFOs sighted, the Maury Island case also encompassed mysterious witnesses. Harold Dahl, Dahl’s son, Charles, a pet dog, two unidentified crew men (abroad a harbor boat calledThe North Queen), and a further far-right-wing politician named Bernard Ramey Leroy, who saw, from another location that day, an estimated twenty tons of UFO debris being deposited over the bay by the aircraft.

Later, Dahl’s “superior,” Fred Lee Crisman, became intimately involved: “Crisman indeed did see what he estimated to be about twenty tons of the bizarre white and black material Dahl claimed had spewed from the UFOs,” says Thomas. “As he looked it over, he got to see much more. One of the doughnut-shaped craft appeared and circled in the sky above the bay. It rose up and entered the center of a thundercloud. Crisman saw the portholes, the inner tube like structure and the spinning observation window. It appeared gold and silver to him, with intense reflected light as Dahl described, but it had no ‘squashed’ effect.” (Page 23.)

A day later, Dahl was approached by a man in a black suit, driving a 1947 black sedan Buick. The man took Dahl to breakfast where he revealed quite a bit about Dahl, as well as making veiled threats about Dahl’s well-being. “I did think it was rather fantastic how this gentleman happened to know what I had seen,” said Dahl.


Shortly after his own famous sighting of nine delta-shaped UFOs on June 24, 1947[1], Kenneth Arnold, at the behest of publisher Raymond A. Palmer, was encouraged to investigate the claims of Crisman and Dahl. Arnold’s venture into the Maury Island UFOs was soon ballooned into multiple bizarre incidents.

Captain William Lee Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank Mercer Brown of the Fourth Air Force A-2 Intelligence had been dispatched by General Carl “Ptooey” Spaatz, and soon joined the train of investigators. Spaatz was “an air force commander concerned about the July 4thwave of sightings” and he provided the officers with a B-25 airplane. Davidson and Brown interviewed Arnold at dinner at the Hotel Owyhee, after which Arnold returned home.

Crisman and Ray Palmer had a prior connection through the tales of Richard Sharpe Shaver who told of “a diminutive race of beings” called “deros” (contraction of the words ‘detrimental’ and ‘robots’) who originally came from outer space to organize life on earth, but became victims of Sun and other solar radiation “attracted” into their advanced machinery, causing perpetual zombies of the Elder Race[2]. The tale became a complex series of articles in Palmer’s Amazing Stories Magazinein the 1940s heralded by enthusiastic fans as true history.

One of those fans was Fred Crisman. Palmer had published two of Crisman’s letters in Amazing Storiestelling of his own encounters with “dero” in underground caverns in Myana Mar southeast of India, and Kashmir, near Jammu and Tibet. A second encounter was in Alaska, where Crisman claimed a companion named “Dick” lost his life.


“Crisman gave a prescient description of a laser-like weapon boring ‘a hole the size of a dime in (the) right bicep’ of a companion’s arm,” says Thomas. “‘It was seared inside. How we don’t know.’ No doubt, since Lasers had not yet been developed…similar rants and channels have come and the idea of a hidden cant language has been described by Kerry Thornley as a factor in his involvement with the JFK assassination. Ray Palmer published volumes detailing the cosmology and history of the deros entitled The Hidden Worldin the 1960s.”[3](Page 39.)

Fred Easterbrook of Twin Falls, Idaho during the early part of July, 1947 found a 30.5-inch “saucer” which Easterbrook turned over to FBI agent W.G. Banister. “The object was taken into a back room at the police station and put under lock and key,” said Assistant Chief E. McCracken of Twin Falls.  Banister was also identifiied as part of the FBI Security Matter-X files (page 99).

Banister emerged during the JFK murder investigation by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. At that time, Banister ran a detective agency in New Orleans, Guy Banister Association at 531 Lafayette, which had a second entrance at 544 Camp Street. His office often saw anti-Castro personnel, such as “Watergaters” Bernard Baker, E. Howard Hunt, and was also used by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 for the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the printing of Hands off Cubaflyers. Both Banister and Oswald were acquainted with a David Ferrie, who was a gun-runner for the CIA Bay of Pigs, amongst other clandestine operations.

Banister’s associates included Mafia and right-wing extremist groups like the World Anti-Communist League,” says Thomas. “He also once worked in the Chicago FBI office with Robert Maheu, a consultant to Howard Hughes, who planned murder plots against Castro.”


Crisman’s maneuverings at Maury Island in 1947 inter-connected with the disappearance of Dahl’s son, the retrieval of the UFO debris (which, at one point, was strewn along the beach as lava-like rock and as also white metal debris), the search for “surveillance bugs” in Arnold’s hotel room (as aided by investigator United Airlines pilot E.J. Smith), and the appearance of strange telephone calls to United Press International reporter Ted Morello.

“The compilation of fishy circumstances and excuses gave Arnold the idea to call the Air Force investigators who previously had spoken with him…he (Dahl) gave the military investigators the full story as he had previously told it to Arnold and Smith,” says Thomas, speaking of the Fourth Air Force A-2 Intelligence officers. Arnold gave the investigators “about thirty pieces of debris.”  Ted Morello called Arnold and said that a “mysterious informant” had called again with intimate details of the meetings.

The whole episode took a disastrous twist, when on August 1, 1947, the B-25 carrying Davidson and Brown crashed, killing both men[4]

Following the accident, Smith and Arnold wanted to bid farewell to Dahl before leaving Washington, and so detoured directly to the house of Dahl’s female companion at which they had met previously.

“When they arrived, they found a house that ‘looked completely deserted’ and as if it had not been lived in for months,” says Thomas. There was no furniture, just dust, dirt cobwebs, with no Dahl, his secretary or her children to be found.

Thomas examines major events in Fred Crisman’s life following Crisman’s boarding an Army bomber and disappearing to Alaska (page 71). He outlines “a biographical trail connecting his earliest-of-all modern UFO experiences at Maury Island (or the manipulation of his fantasy about same), through the most significant political event of contemporary American politics of the 1960s—the JFK assassination—and into the still-current para-political landscape.”

In 1946, Crisman trained with a special Internal Security of the OSS and then transferred to the CIA and back to the school as an “extended agent” to work in the state of Washington where he reported on the political situation in Washington.


After a sojourn at Willamete University, Crisman returned to training at Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma---all CIA training areas: Isece-Easy Section.

“It does exist, and is the sub-section of Internal Security known as a disruption planning center, says Thomas, “Crisman is a trained Disruption Agent and has worked in several fields.”
Crisman interchanged duties with the NSA, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Boeing Company in Seattle, where he caused a great amount of disruption at Boeing. 

Crisman became instrumental in the Washington state school system and also as an obstructionist to the Port Authority on the Oregon side of the Columbia. He ventured to New Orleans and became involved with several political figures.

“He was also known by James Garrison and was later remembered by Garrison,” says Thomas, “Garrison did not know at this time that Crisman was a CIA agent, or that he was in any way a federal employee.” He returned to Oregon to mount attacks on political opponent the returned to New Orleans to mix into legislative campaigns.

“Senator Russell Long was able to confirm that Crisman was a government agent but assumed that he was an FBI information agent,” says Thomas. “Garrison was so in formed, and Crisman was listed as such in the New Orleans records.”

In Tacoma, Washington, Crisman created non-profit from organizations which were taken over by CIA agent Thomas E. Beckman. Crisman concentrated on the defeat of John O’connell as governor of the state of Washington; all with the blessings of the Isece Section of the CIA.  Crisman’s investigation of the Conquistador Corp also created embattlements with the Cosa Nostra.

“The Cosa Nostra cooperate and stay out of the way of all CIA agents,” says Thomas. “The CIA does not make arrests, they have been known to kill an enemy and they consider all persons in their way as an enemy.”

It was Crisman’s efforts to block John O’Connell that alerted Jim Garrison that Crisman “was an actual CIA agent…a government-military CIA complex agent.” Crisman was also interested in the complete New Orleans and Washington state operations of Boeing and some politics.


The Easy section of the CIA apparently felt that the Manager-Council form of government a threat in that area.

“All that is known at the present time is that the Easy4250ece section of the CIA is active in Tacoma,” says Thomas, and that it has assigned one of its best Disruption Agents to do a local job there[5].

Easy papers cite a“Mrs. Banfield”who said “this man, Crisman, is a man that is dangerous to the future of America…we cannot have CIA people such as him interfering with local government.” (Page 90.)

Perhaps as part of the military-industrial-complex-propaganda’s sympathies against Communism, Crisman embroiled himself into a number of “rightist” Christian movements.

Far-right groups that Crisman associated with were the American Nazi Party, Christian Defense League, California Rangers, the Minute Men, and the Christian Sons of Liberty, founded by Bernard Ramey LeRoy. LeRoy claimed to have seen Dahl’s 1947 Maury Island UFO that dispersed “tin foil flakes” while fishing at Finer Point at the island.


Garrison, Thomas says, included David Ferrie and Kerry Thornley in what Thomas describes as “the Banister cell.” Thornley wrote The Idle Warriors,and claimed he was drawn into the Kennedy assassination by Howard Hunt (Hunt, “a Watergate burglar was also [allegedly and inconclusively] identified as one of the railyard hoboes” [please reference psychoanalyst C.G. Jung’s data on ‘meaningful coincidence’[6]]).

Thornley co-write the Principia Discordia, the central “text” of the satirical Discordian religion, which worshipped Eris, a goddess of chaos…he had plans to publish on the Internet a manuscript he wrote detailing his involvement with the Kennedy Assassination (page 108).  The “Banister cell” included Thomas Beckham and a “cluster of bizarre ‘old church’ evangelical sects in the New Orleans substructure.”

(Garrison suspect, Clay Shaw, also belonged to the board of directors of Permindex, a CIA front company. “Shaw’s military service apparently did develop around his CIA/OSS involvement,” says Thomas, dating back to the late 1940s, in several CIA-sponsored covert operations throughout Europe [page 73][7]).

Fred Lee Crisman, alias John H. Bowen, alias Dr. Jon Gold, and his partner, Thomas Edward Beckham, and Albert Osborne, were all working for the Defense Industrial Security Command through American Council of Christian Churches (page 80[8]).

“The ‘ministers’ and ‘bishops’ can accumulate money (religious fund raising) without serious inquiry as to the source,” says Thomas. “They are free from 9 to 5 routine expected of normal patriotic Americans…”

Crisman’s “chum” Bob Lavender claimed that Beckham had split from the Universal Life Church to start his own church organization, and met David Ferrie through Guy Banister and his employee Jack Martin. Aside from incorporating papers for several businesses in Olympia, Washington, Beckham established a fundraising office for anti-Castro-lists Sergio Arcacha Smith and Louis Rabel.

(Thomas’ book is a compilation of intriguing interconnected side bars, appendices, interviews, foot-notes, and mysterious facts that the reader will have to trace-down, review, and investigate personally.)


FBI files for 1947 indicate a number of telexes from Banister, initialed “WGB,” and pertaining to UFO Phenomena, designated as: “Security Matter-X” (SM-X).

“To many, the world of transnational industrial espionage that Garrison saw as the backdrop to the assassination is simply not real, despite its continuing presence in global politics,” says Thomas. “Conmen, industrial spies and low-level disinformationists abound in this environment and one testament to the veracity of Crisman’s entanglement is the durability of his influence upon it.” (Page 115.)

Later, it was rumored that Crisman was in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s murder; indeed, some speculated that Crisman was one of the three “tramps” arrested that day, identified as “Crismon,” but in conflict with other police records suggesting Chauncey Marvin Holt, or, Harold Doyle (pronounced as Harold ‘Dhal,’ as in Maury Island ‘Dahl’), pages 133, 136.[9]

Likewise, Crisman discovered deeper inroads to the world of espionage through Marshall Riconoscuito and his son, Michael (and Crisman’s nephew). Riconoscuito gave “back door approval” to Crisman’s battle against the city management form of government.

Riconoscuito ran several enterprises, an advertising agency, and a “small lab where certain common drugs were bottled under variety of house names.’ His son, Michael discovered a “bug device” in Riconoscuito’s office. Michael was, in fact, an “electronics prodigy.”

Danny Casolaro exposed Michael as part of “a transnational spook group known as ‘The Octopus.’ The Octopus exerted wide-ranging influence on global political affairs, including the assassination of JFK and had in its membership many veterans of the OSS,” says Thomas, “a history that mirrored Jim Garrison’s conceptions.”


Michael Riconoscuito worked on a software program known as Promis/inslaw and it also involved Iran/Contra and the Reagan/Bush presidency.  His “fuel-air explosives” may have been part of the blast that nearly killed 300 Marines in Lebanon in 1987 and possibly in the first World Trade Towers bombing and Oklahoma City bombing.

“Major global events have come to be attributed to Casolaro’s Octopus, from the assassination of Princess Diana (Casolaro reported that Dodi Fayed’s uncle, Adnan Khashuggi, belonged to The Octopus) to the 9/11 destruction wrought by Osama Bin Laden,” says Thomas, “whose transnational connections mirrored the structure of the Octopus.”

(Joseph Daniel Casolaro was an American freelance writer who came to public attention on August 10, 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times. A note was found, and the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide. His death became controversial because his notes suggested he was in Martinsburg to meet a source about a story he called "The Octopus." Casolaro's family suspected that he had been murdered. Before he left for Martinsburg, he had apparently told his brother that he had been frequently receiving harassing phone calls late at night; that some of them were threatening. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Casolaro]).

Although UFO connections flitter in and out of Crisman’s background (such as Thomas Beckman, Crisman’s business partner, also being listed on the board of directors of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs [NICUFO]), the Maury Island affair stood center of mass:

“I will tell you this much, the Maury Island Incident was no hoax,” said Crisman in 1967, page 230, “the FBI and the Air force know it was no hoax. The pieces[10][11]of the UFO that are still in our possession have proven that it was no hoax.”

In the January, 1950 issue of FATE Magazine, Crisman boldly and clearly attacked those who accused him and Dahl as hoaxers calling their accusations as being “a bold-faced lie.” (Page 210.)

As far as the broader intrigue of how the military-industrial-complex espionage was a manifestation of diabolical Master-Minds possessed by alien “deros”:

(Concerning William S. Baring-Gould’s September, 1946 comments in Harper’s Magazineabout Ray Palmer’s Amazing Stories:Ray Palmer replied to Harper’s Magazine, November, 1946 remarks [ibid, page 208, Thomas])