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Alien Spotted Near Inter-dimensional Portal

Ramblers were left shocked after spotting a long-limbed, grey 'alien' on a stroll near a river in Tarija, Bolivia – and experts say the area is plagued with 'inter-dimensional portals'

A four-foot transparent “alien” has been spotted taking a stroll in an area plagued by “inter-dimensional portals”.

The “grey being” was pictured with long limbs and a peculiar walk near the Pilcomayo River in Tarija, Bolivia.

The extra-terrestrial wasn't shy as it appeared to be staring at an unassuming onlooker in the snap.

Even more bizarrely, there doesn’t appear to be a reflection from the alien in the water it's walking by.

Now, the country's top UFO experts are debating the authenticity of the image that has gone viral online as “the alien from Tarija”.

“It looks like a transparent being with long limbs, typical of a grey being,” ufologist Javier Carlos Cordero said. “But we must determine the veracity of it.”

Social media users are also quibbling over whether the picture is real or has been doctored.

Carlos suggested that Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be used to put the argument to bed and determine if the photograph is genuine.

But the UFO expert wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that the other-worldly being really did visit his home nation.

“Tarija seems to have a special connection to activities of this type and this reinforces the notion that there could be something more at play”, Carlos told Cosmovisión.

“The presence of abundant minerals and [inter]-dimensional portals in the area could be related.”

It’s not the first time Tarija has allegedly seen a host of extra-terrestrial activity.

In May 1978, hundreds of people around the Bolivian-Argentine border claimed to have seen a spaceship downed in Mecoya.

The unsolved mystery is described by some as South America’s “most credible UFO crash incident”.

And even the US military took interest in the cylindrical-shaped object which smashed into a mountainside.

Corporal Natalio Farfan Ruiz of the Bolivian military said he thought “the end of the world was coming”, while others more than 100 miles away alleged that they heard a sonic-boom-like explosion.


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