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Angels or Aliens? The Mysterious Biblical

Cover Story Fate Magazine December 2000 By: Scott Corrales

"I saw Watchers in my vision, a dream vision, and behold two of them argued about me…and they were engaged in a great quarrel concerning me. I asked them: ‘You, why do you argue thus about me?’ They answered and said to me: ‘We have been made masters and rule over the sons of men.’ And they said to me: ‘Which of us do you choose?…’”

The preceding is a fragment from the Testament of Amram, a document written in Aramaic which forms part of the Qumran scrolls, more commonly known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The entire fragment, some eight patchy paragraphs, relates a story told by Moses’ father, Amram, to his children, concerning the burden of choice: whether to serve the evil Watcher Melkiresha, a viper-faced demon, or his counterpart, the Watcher Melchizedek, who is ruler of the “Sons of Light.”

Much has been made over the last few decades of the link between the role played by the biblical Watchers and that played by UFOs and their occupants, as well as the phenomena associated with them. This order of nonhuman beings, which fell from grace on account of their transgressions with “the daughters of men,” are at the core of a current controversy. The viper-eyed Melkiresha, allegorical though it may be, is strangely reminiscent of some of the more reptilian UFO entities that have been reported in a number of encounters. The Watchers, as described in the Bible or by the Tibetan monks who discussed the topic with the Russian artist/mystic Nicholas Roerich (whose paintings of Asian hill-forts are often referred to in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft), are in essence a race of beings which have always lived

in the skies and lord over humanity, reveling in intermarriage with humans. The biblical Noah, for example, was the offspring of a Watcher.

Struggles of Angels and Men

Mexican author Luis Ramírez Reyes describes interaction between the same kind of strange beings and humans taking place in our very own times. While the following report would perhaps be better filed under “alien aggression,” there are certain elements which make it a more suitable fit for “interaction between humans and hostile spiritual agencies.”

In 1993, Rafael Perrin, a television talk show personality, was hosting a party one night at his apartment in Mexico City’s swank “Zona Rosa” district. Around midnight, he stepped out onto his balcony to catch a breath of fresh air when, looking down to the sidewalk, he noticed a wounded dog lying on the sidewalk, twisting and howling. Moved by the sight, Perrin left his apartment to assist the suffering animal, but was prevented from touching the dog by a “young fellow dressed in rags,” who in spite of his reduced circumstances did not act like a beggar. The youth told Perrin that a band of aliens roaming the streets of Mexico City had inflicted harm upon the canine with a small beam-emitting device they carried on them. Perrin was further astonished when the young beggar went into a lengthy discussion of the be

am weapon’s origin, its effect, the nature of the predatory aliens and the damage attributed to “unknown parties” that was common in the area. The youth was about to heal the suffering dog using a similar device which “reversed the effect” of the harmful beam.

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