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Bigfoot Sightings In North Carolina and Beyond.

We wanted to share these latest reports that peaked the interest of the History Channel. Since Fate has moved to the Blue Ridge Mts we have found that Western North Carolina has been a hotspot for sightings and evidence of large hairy hominids going back to the early 1800's. Have you had a Bigfoot experience ? These witnesses from 4 different sightings are convinced.

0:00 - 2019 North Carolina Bigfoot Sighting 5:14 - 1971 California Bigfoot Sighting 10:23 - 2020 California Bigfoot Sighting 14:11 - 2015 Northern Illinois Bigfoot Sighting.

A group that claims to track the mythic ape known as Bigfoot through the hills and hollers of Western North Carolina says they finally spotted the creature over the weekend in McDowell County.

According to the group, which operates a Facebook page called Bigfoot911 with over 1,000 members, the sighting occurred around 11 P.M. Friday night.

John E. Bruner, who runs the page, said the creature made its presence known after he and fellow group members set up glow sticks at various locations in an apparent attempt to lure the Sasquatch in.

“The angle of the moon was shining straight down on the road and something big stepped into view,” Bruner said. “I turned my headlamp on and I saw a large bi-pedal animal covered in hair. It took one step into the woods, (then) I took off running toward where it went into the woods.”

Bruner went on to state that he and fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts proceeded to track what they claim was a large, bi-pedal ape not recognized by modern science through the dark forest.

His description of the sighting can be seen below:

“It’s face was solid black, (with) no hair on it,” he said. “The hair looked shaggy all over (its body.) It turned and took five steps and was at the bottom of the hill, probably 30 yards. I could see the gluteus maximus flexing with each step.”—John E. Bruner


An article on WBTW, reports that a seven-foot, ape-like creature has been creeping around North Carolina. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. Bet Ohio says that North Carolina is No. 17 among the lower 48 states in reported Bigfoot sightings. So, think hard. Have you seen Bigfoot around? Within the last month, North Carolina and South Carolina have had multiple sightings of Bigfoot. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reports there have been 107 apparent Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina. If you were in Orange County recently, a sighting was reported there in early July. Did you see him? Montgomery County is home to the most Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina. Mostly in the Uwharrie National Forest


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