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Creatures from the deep or the lab?

Here is an interesting post from National Geographic .

It's not clear what the mysterious creature is that reportedly washed ashore in Georgia or, for that matter, if we'll get a clear answer.

Last week, the decomposing remains of what appeared to be a strange creature were found on a beach at the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Georgia, reports local media.

Jeff Warren, the man who reportedly found the remains, sent photos to several media outlets in Georgia, where it quickly garnered attention.

Of marine scientists who have seen the photo, their interpretations range from the creature likely being some type of decomposing fish to an outright hoax. Without physical samples to study, it's likely impossible to determine the creature's origins, they say.

“It looks like a deep-sea shark, like a frilled shark. Although I don’t see gill slits," Chantal Audra from the Tybee Island Marine Science Center told the Savannah Morning News—although she was also quick to point out that without examining the body, that's speculation.

It wouldn’t be the first time a fish's body has done strange things during the decomposition process. In February 2017, a "hairy blob" washed up on a beach in the Philippines, to much fanfare. While nearly impossible to recognize as such, the remains were confirmed to be a dead whale whose muscle fibers began to fray and look "hairy."

Original Post here:

Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster began its reign of terror in July 2008, when the ghastly creature washed up on the shore of Ditch Plains, a popular surfing beach on the Montauk peninsula.

Three young women claimed to have first spotted the beast at the tail end of New York’s Long Island, and snapped a photo of the bloated, bruised carcass that appeared to have been scorched by the sun. Or maybe it was fire. The photo would would soon fascinate and revolt the millions who laid their unfortunate eyes upon it, after Gawker published the image in an 87-word blog post that set that internet ablaze.

Was it a pitbull mercilessly defeated in an illicit dogfight? An escaped mutant from a mysterious animal disease research center on nearby Plum Island? A raccoon robbed of its fur in a postmortem tumble through the sea? A turtle without its shell? But turtles don’t have teeth, and dogs don’t have dinosaur beaks. All anyone could agree on was that they had never seen anything like the Montauk Monster before.

Read more on the Montauk Monster Here :


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