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Crop Circles Decoded?

Fate Magazine Feb 2007

Beautiful as they are mysterious, the world’s center of crop circle activity is only a few hours outside of London.

I lived in London for over a year and made countless visits

to the countryside where these stunning formations have been reported as far back as the 1600’s.

For over 10 years I have been examining the physical evidence that often accompanies these crop formations.

Researching these complex symbols has taken me on many journeys around the world exploring the physical and metaphysical aspects of this phenomenon.


On one particular research expedition, I set out for Avebury, which is just a few hours drive from London and is home to Stonehenge and other megalithic sites. I was equipped with a range of detection equipment, including dowsing rods, electromagnetic field detectors, and a Geiger counter. At the crack of dawn, I set up an observation post atop a hill and scanned the area with high-powered binoculars and thermal imaging cameras. I spotted an elliptical formation a few miles away. I packed up the gear followed the unpaved access roads to the edge of the field. Walking up to this newly-formed crop formation near Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe, I began taking readings and discovered an elevated level of gamma radiation.

I scanned the area around the field, and found no other “hot spots” other than the formation. There were also deformities in the

effected wheat stalk which seem to confirm my felling that this was not a man made formation.

Far too often crop circles are the product of hoaxers or the local druid population who sometimes use crop formations for rituals and ceremonies.

When it comes to crop circles, the scientific approach requires something to be measured. Biophysical experiments on the affected wheat within crop circles have yielded reproducible results. These findings included variances in growth rates between “circle wheat” and unaffected wheat. The seeds taken out of the seed heads of wheat within crop circles have a completely different germination behavior than the seeds taken from wheat outside of formations in the standing crop. There are also atomic variances within the cells of the plants, which are easily seen through a microscope. This cellular change is accompanied by a chemical change, which is probably associated to why the circle wheat seeds germinate differently in comparison to normal seeds. The seeds from crop circles have been observed to grow three to four times faster than seeds from normal crops.

You can simulate some effects that are found in crop circles with the use of microwave radiation. Indeed, many eyewitnesses have reported an increased heat signature to recently created crop circles. Some have described this heat as boiling hot, and burn marks have also been found near formations. Dramatic changes to the chemical composition of the soil have also been recorded.

I have noticed in many formations that the soil appears to be very dry in an otherwise muddy field. Another unusual feature of crop circles is their shape when they are formed on slopes or hillsides. The crop circles become elliptic, and the long axis of the ellipse falls in line with the slope of the hill, or with the maximum gradient. These various anomalies cannot be reproduced by flattening crops with a board and a rope. Even with the current level of technology that the military possesses, it would seem that it would not fully explain all of the components that some crop circles possess.

Floating balls of light are often seen in conjunction with the formation of crop circles, many of which have even been captured on videotape. Some of these sightings also show military helicopters in pursuit of these balls of light. I have seen videos showing a light floating over a field in Avebury, which splits in two, and is soon followed by a black Apache-style attack helicopter. The helicopter follows the balls of light for several minutes at which point the balls join together and continue at the same velocity.

The British government has a long history in investigating UFOs and crop circles, and their aircraft are often photographed in the same frame as these phenomena.

Many times a very strong magnetic field is left behind, and is enough to effect a hand held compass. Very often people with cameras and video recorders notice an instant drain of their batteries once they enter some crop circles.

While I was looking at some of the photographs from my past

field work, I came across a curious pattern that I hadn’t noticed before. In the close ups of the wheat that had been laid down,

there were small blades of grass amongst them that seemed to

be completely unaffected. I found again and again examples of

grass popping up through the flattened crop. This seemed strange

because wheat is a stiff and hearty plant. It takes a bit of force

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