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Encounters - ETs, Phone Here

FATE June 1999, Vol. 52, No. 6

Where does an outsider turn for help in a human world? A woman who exists simultaneously in two sets of dimensions is willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

Lori Cordini says she’s a dual person. By this she means that she lives both a three-dimensional human life and a four-dimensional existence as a "light being." She’s on a mission to come to terms with that duality as well as help others understand their own dual existences.

Cordini’s first brush with the other world was as a child. She remembers a white light that "lit up the sky like it was noon."

"That incident has stuck with me all my life," she says. "I have often wondered what really happened. Every time I asked my mother, she’d say it was a meteorite that landed in New Mexico and Arizona, and that would be the end of it."

It happened in July 1947, the month of the crash in Roswell,

New Mexico.

Almost 50 years later, in 1995, Cordini became obsessed with learning what had really happened. Though not particularly interested in UFOs, she went to a Mutual UFO Network meeting near her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. A woman there described being abducted by aliens. The woman’s use of the word "lonely" in her account struck an emotional chord with Cordini, who underwent hypnosis in the ensuing weeks.

"As the hypnotist put me in a trance, I remembered the whole incident," Cordini says. "A beam of light came through the house, I was pulled through the wall, and my mother grabbed my feet. My mother was very relaxed, but I could sense that she felt frustrated because she couldn’t help."

After the session, Cordini called her mother and again asked about the incident. This time, her mother told the same story that Cordini had just remembered under hypnosis.

"She spoke with a knowledge of the cosmos and the universe that I can't explain," Cordini says. "The thought that kept going through my mind was, 'This is Mom? She has an eighth-grade education. How does she know about UFOs? How does she know that I don’t belong to this Earth?'"

Under hypnosis, Cordini also remembered contact with an extraterrestrial species, a childhood encounter with what she calls "Mr. Pumpkin Man." Cordini recalls an alien in a space suit hanging outside her window. The creature sent her a telepathic message that it was dying. She was frustrated because she was a child and didn’t know how to help it.

A third recovered memory involves an airplane hangar and military personnel. This is a puzzle to which Cordini is still collecting the pieces. "I was on a mothership, working," she says. "Because of time travel, we were taken onboard to do our work there and brought back to a time before we left so we didn’t have any gaps.

"I was being brought back to Earth with three extraterrestrials," she says. "We were in what I call a pod. We were either shot down or we crashed near Edwards Air Force Base. I was standing around the crash site, dazed, seeing the dead bodies. I was handcuffed, thrown in the back seat of a limousine, and taken away. That’s when the interrogation began.

"I found myself lying on a cold metal table, and I thought, This is a standard abduction thing. There were military people around me, plus [another member of] that interesting little species from my childhood, though this one was wearing a blue jogging suit."

Through telepathy, Cordini learned that the alien was pleased to be helping the government officials, but that military personnel were taking advantage of the

alien's trust.

"If someone asked me which was I afraid of, humans or ETs, I'd definitely say humans," she says. "ETs are nothing. They're loving, they're kind, they're caring, they're supportive. Humans are vicious animals. Not as a whole, of course," she adds.

Cordini believes that her role is to help humans prepare for imminent changes. "We’re part of the vanguard," she says. "We're here to assist humans during the transition. My job here on Earth is to open up people’s awareness--not only their own self-awareness, but their intergalactic awareness."

After her own flashbacks, Cordini set up a telephone support line for people who have encountered phenomena beyond easy explanation. With help from her husband, Carl, she started the Intergalactic Contact Center to share and collect the experiences of others.

"It's not about little green men," Cordini says. "It's about who we are as human beings and where we come from, our relationship to the cosmos, how the Earth got here, how we’re interrelated, and the endless, endless journey."

Humans must take responsibility for their actions, according to Cordini. "The time has come to examine our belief systems, to examine our history...and make decisions for ourselves," she says. "Look at death, look at life, look at our relationship to the cosmos. We’re all sentient beings. We all have duality, meaning we have a body and a soul. Soul lives forever, body doesn’t."

Cordini is a member of the Baha'i faith. Her concept of God is an important part of her beliefs. "The more you explore the concept of God as a wholeness, the simpler it is to understand, and far more beautiful," she says. "t doesn't take away from religious beliefs. It accentuates them. When you embrace the wholeness, there’s no hate, no negativity, no prejudice. You’re in service of the All."

Cordini believes that her light-being self gathers information while her three-dimensional body is asleep, and she is committed to passing that knowledge to her fellow humans.

"Humans are just the little guys down here," she says. "They're just starting off in this vast exploration. It's going to be a rough road if they don't detach from the material point of view.

"When people think of the UFO phenomenon, they think of little green men and flying saucers," she adds. "I think of understanding, of cosmic awareness, of family, of teachers. I think of spiritual development as being open and free."

Cordini, who has done several nationwide radio interviews, says she is generally treated respectfully. No crank calls have come into the Intergalactic Contact Center phone line. Most callers just want to talk to someone. Others are confused by their own experiences. One or two have been what Cordini, who works in the mental health field, calls "delusional." She says she tries to keep an open mind when dealing with callers, aware of the skepticism that makes so many people reluctant to share their experiences.

"This is why we started the Intergalactic Contact Center, to be available to people who are having any sort of paranormal experience," she says. "I don't make any judgment about real or not real. To me, a person has experiences that are real to them. When people talk to me for the first time, I give them the option of seeking mental health help if that’s what they need. I try to get people to search out their own experiences, but support is our main goal."

The journey may indeed be endless, but no one has to travel it alone.

by Scott Nicholson


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