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Glitches in the Matrix By Cyndie Lepori


Have you ever witnessed a glitch in the matrix? A situation where you know what you are witness- ing is way beyond what we are taught is “normal” in our reality?

This is a step be yond Deja-vu. In the movies the Matrix there are many examples of this happening. They explain it with the theory that we are all living in a type of computer program that sometimes messes up and repeats an event within moments of it occurring again, like a skip in a record. Another type of glitch is where things appear and disappear in our reality such as businesses, people, or products. This can and does happen in real life for some of us. There are many films on Youtube that are trying to point out this happening. Some of them try to associate it with Cern and the Haarp technology. Let’s try some things. Sing the Mr Rodgers song: For those of us who re- member, it goes “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood...” If you replay it now? He says “It’s a beautiful day is THIS neighborhood.” Another example is the famous line from Snow White: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The Line is now “Majic Mirror on the wall....” Who doesn’t know the line from Jaws? “I think we need a bigger boat.” If you hear it now It is different. “We need to buy a bigger boat.” Some other examples is company names have changed like Chick-fil-A is now Chic-Fil-A. The films also cite Bible verses that have definitely changed. In a passage wine- skins has now changed to bottles. I have checked behind every one of the things that they say have changed. They are right. But I started to notice these small glitches about 30 years ago, long before Haarp and the Cern experiments. I recently went to Costa Rica with a friend who got sick and it involved three trips to the hospital. We were calmly sit- ting in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to see her after lab results. A boy about 8 years old walks out of the door leading from the treatment area and his mother is right beside him. His right arm is in a cast and he says in Spanish to his mother as he was walking by “Now I can have all my friends draw pictures on my cast.” His mother gives him a hug and they walk out the door to the outside and we see them get into a car and drive away. Not an unusual happening in the ER, right? My friend looked at her watch to check how long we had been waiting, as we continued to sit and wait for the doctor. About ten minutes later the door to the treatment area opens up and the same little boy walks out and totally repeats the actions we just witnessed. It was unmis- takably the same boy with the same clothes, the same broken arm in a cast and the same mother in the same clothes that repeated the same words in the same way. My friend and I looked at each other in astonishment. Since I have had many of these experiences I took it in stride. I explained to her that time and space are not that solid, especially in my reality as a medium and shaman, and many of us were having these experiences. When I do my readings I go far beyond time and space to the quantum realities and many times I can see various timelines that go into different directions. Some circle around to the same times and that is where the “glitches” come in. I first noticed the glitches many years ago when I stated “soul journeys” with clients. I will share with you some of the most interesting ones. My partner took me to a really nice seafood restaurant near where we live. When we walked in I felt something in the air that told me intuitively that some- thing unusual was going to happen. They didn’t have any tables in the main room and there was a small bar to the left and the waitress asked if we would like to eat there. We both agreed. In the middle of the bar was a tank with a shark in it. We stopped to admire and say hello to the shark. To the left was a huge window, and when we looked up there was one cloud that was the exact shape of the shark we were admiring. That was the first thing. Next we sat at a table and there were only two other people in that area seated next to the wall. I noticed what they ordered: the waitress brought them two beers, and a huge plate of oysters on the half shell. What caught my attention is that they both picked up salt shakers and salted the oysters as they were putting them on crackers to eat. I was thinking that since the oysters were from salt water, why they would need to salt them. Mike and I were in conversation for a few minutes and when I looked again the table was empty. I mentioned to him that I had just seen two people at that table. No sooner than I said it the waitress led the same two peo- ple to the table and I was able to describe to Mike step by step exactly what they were going to order, when it would occur and right up to the salting of the oysters what was going to happen. He was astonished. My partner and I went to New Or- leans. As soon as I said, “Slow down there is danger on the bridge.” We looked up and saw a car stopped and other cars going everywhere. That glitch saved our lives. Later that day we were walking down a street and saw a building that had not existed for a hundred years. It was a tavern that was candle lit with horses tied in front of it. When we went back later we could not find it, so I did the research only to find it had burned over 100 years ago. The latest glitch was driving home from New Orleans and Costa Rica I was almost out of gas. I have lived in my area for over 20 years and very frequently drive the backroads and short cuts from Stringer Missippi to Ellisville Missippi. As I turned off the highway I noticed a huge gas station with a gift store that I had never seen before. I needed gas so I turned in. It was late and I went in to use the rest- room, all while marveling at this beautiful new station that had apparently appeared while I was in Costa Rica for two weeks. Out of curiosity I asked the girl at the counter how long they had been open. I was astonished when she said they had been open a year. I have no explanation for how that can be, but it is really nice for it to appear now. I wish I had a clear explanation of how and why these glitches occur, but truly I don’t. I do know that if you are paying attention, you will have moments that you notice these bizarre moments also. Write in and tell us about yours. Perhaps we can figure it out together. W Cyndie Lepori, Writer, Reader, Healer, Animal Communicator.

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