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“I Am Being Watched by a UFO”- by Doris Delburt Gregg

FATE November 1961 Vol. 14, No. 11

THE WEIRD SIGNIFICANCE of my situation did not become completely clear to me until the last and most recent visit from my silent and luminescent guest. Now I am thoroughly convinced of what I have suspected for so long about the purpose and composition of the elusive object. The whole uncanny business started on a farm near Longview, Tex., 13 years ago in 1948 on a hot August night when a whole fleet of huge, glowing disks came swooping down from the western sky and put on an amazing and for many a frightening—performance for our city and whole surrounding countryside to witness. I was one of the many hundreds who, with my family, stood in silent awe and watched their gyrations. But, unlike the hundreds of others who were watching that night, I was chosen for what reason I do not yet know to be put under careful observation by those shining visitors from the unknown. As they swooped across the sky one great white object rapidly approached an area over the field behind our house. There it slowed and became stationary so that we could observe the thing in all its shining grandeur. I turned to my sister, Connie, who was standing beside me and exclaimed, “I wonder if that thing has intelligence, and if it is as interested in watching us as we are in watching it?” Instantly a shaft of white light descended from beneath light descended from beneath 100 yards behind our house. Then it moved toward us until we were completely bathed in white light. My sister and I were utterly astonished and tried to look upward into the shaft of light. But my mother, Mrs. Lonnie Williams, became frightened and turned to run into the house. Immediately the light went out and the great object soared away, following the others which were rapidly disappearing across the sky. For many days afterward everyone talked about the flying lights. Many spoke of trying to shoot them down if they re- turned. But Connie and I, from the moment we were bathed in their light, found ourselves oddly fascinated and actually anticipating their early return. When we were alone we discussed the spectacular phenomena we’d witnessed. We both deeply desired to see them again. Our wish was granted quite unexpectedly one night two weeks later. I’d been rather late preparing supper and by the time I’d set the food on the table I was overtired and not very hungry. I said to my husband and sister, “I think I’ll go sit out on the front porch and rest while you two eat supper.” The humid August night was moonless but the number and brilliance of the stars captured my attention. I left the porch to stand quietly on the front lawn gazing upward. My mind turned to thoughts of the strange lights. I was about to return to the porch when I noticed a glowing light suddenly come into view in the dark sky. It seemed to be approaching our house from the northwest, moving slowly and in complete silence. As it descended I could see a glowing object pulsating with light, ex- panding and contracting at regular intervals. Connie! I must call her—let her see it, too! I shouted her name, while I watched the mysterious light hover over our field. She didn’t hear me and I shouted louder. She still didn’t come so I turned and ran toward the house, shrieking for her to come quickly. “What’s the matter, Doris?”Connie yelled as she rushed onto the porch. “The light! The light!” “Where?” she cried as excited, now, as I was. “Up there.” I pointed behind me. “It’s just hanging—” I stopped short for the light was rap- idly disappearing across the field, rising higher into the sky as it went. We stood there staring after the thing until my sister spoke. “Why’d you shout so loudly, Doris? You must have scared it off.” “Yes, I guess so,” I agreed. “But I didn’t know and I did so want you to see it, too.” The first indication we had that this glowing object still lingered in our vicinity came one evening another two weeks later. Connie, my three-year-old son, and I were visiting my mother, who lived on the farm adjoining ours. Our houses are about a quarter of a mile apart. The late summer heat was still intense; so we sat on quilts spread on the grass in the yard. It was dusk and a few stars were be- ginning to show in the darker part of the eastern sky. From the densely wooded area some distance away, in front of the house, came the steady crescendo of strident in- sect-music. We could hear faint voices from a newly built neighbor’s home some 400 yards or more from my parent’s house. which is quite secluded among overhanging trees. I stretched out beside my child on the quilt listening to my mother and sister’s conversation. I was about to fall asleep when I saw a very peculiar light rising slowly from behind the dark outline of the trees. I pushed myself to a sitting position and called Connie’s attention to it. We all stared at the odd light which, as it cleared the tree tops, became stationary, appearing to hover, expanding and contracting at regular intervals, for several seconds. Then it began moving slowly toward us. The thing was clearly visible against the night sky. It frightened my mother who ran toward the house, but my sister and I stood our ground. Suddenly the quiet was broken by the terrified screams of my little boy who’d awakened and, seeing the pulsat- ing light, began crying in terror. We tried to quiet the baby, and I hugged him close against me. “Look, it’s gone!” my sister whispered. I looked and, sure enough, the night sky was empty again—except for stars. The next instant the sound of the tele- phone ringing sent us scurrying into the house. It was our neighbor lady, Mrs. Harrison, across the field. She was puzzled, she said, about a strange light she’d seen moving above the trees beyond her house. She wanted to know if we’d seen it, too, and if we knew what it was. We told her, yes, we’d seen it but we didn’t know what it was. Later that evening, after we’d told Mother good night and gone home, we put the baby to bed, then we talked for a long time about the thing we’d seen. The next morning when my husband came home from work I told him about it but he said he had no idea what it was. After that night Connie and I spent every evening sitting outdoors, watching for the light to return, and wondering how, if it did, we could contact it. Finally we formed a plan which we felt reason- ably certain would work. One evening we had finally gone to bed around 1:15. We must have fallen asleep immediately. But I was awakened sometime later and glancing at my lumi- nous alarm clock I saw the time was 2:30. Then I noticed the sound which must have disturbed my sleep. From the open windows at the head of my bed I could hear the rushing noise of a strong wind. I supposed that a storm must be coming up and I jumped up to lower the windows. However, the thin cur- tains on either side of the large, open win- dows at the head of my bed were not moving at all. Not a branch or a leaf of the shrubbery growing just outside the windows even swayed. But the front yard was bathed in white, phosphorescent light! I pressed my face close against the window screen. I saw that the large, thickly leafed magnolia tree in our yard was being twisted and shaken violently. It seemed as though it would be torn from the ground. As I watched in astonishment, I noticed that the eerie light was growing more in- tense. I left the window and ran into Con- nie’s room to awaken her. But when we both rushed back the light was gone. The yard lay quiet and dark. Connie was excited and I was still highly agitated from my experience so we went into the kitchen and made coffee and sat at the kitchen table talking about the queer incident. “The time has come to try our plan,” Connie told me. “Tomorrow night we’ll be prepared and we’ll find out if this glow- ing whatever-it-is is really interested in contacting us.” I admit that the next evening as the time drew closer for our experiment to begin we were both nervous. But we were determined to go through with it. We wanted to know if such a thing could be done. That evening before my husband left for work I asked him to leave us one of his powerful, five-celled flashlights. He did. Connie and I had decided to use only the flashlight for our first experiment, not wanting to risk frightening off our elusive visitor with a lot of bulky parapher- nalia. We also figured we would be most likely to succeed if we chose a place where our view would be unobstructed by surrounding trees. At first we thought of climbing up a ladder onto our roof, but this presented too many difficulties. There are several large trees overhanging the roof which would cut off some of our view of the sky, and, also, there was the danger of the baby’s falling off the roof. We solved our problem of location by driving my sister’s car across the yard to a completely open place at the edge of the field just a short distance beyond our house. Connie’s car had a solid metal top and over this we spread a quilt. Then we clambered up on top of the car and began our at- tempt to make contact with the mysteri- ous light. We’d left off all the lights in our house and since it sits far back from the main highway without close neighbors, conditions seemed ideal. We’d agreed before hand to use the same number of flashes from our light and space them at the same intervals as we had noticed the strange objects had used each time we’d seen them. We lay on our backs on top of the car with the baby sleeping between us and started our signals while we concentrated mentally on establishing contact. For almost an hour we lay there quietly with no sound except the occasional soft, scuffling noises under the car made by our large mongrel watchdog who had came out to watch us. The soft purring of our two gray cats snuggled warmly against our, legs was more felt than heard. We took turns send

ing our flashing signals toward the dark, star-dotted sky, while we watched and waited for an answer. Suddenly, high in the dark sky a light about the size and shape of a car’s head- light appeared. We sat up, staring at the thing. “Now for the test,” Connie whispered to me. I raised the flashlight and sent the signals upward in a steady and unfaltering succession directly at the object. Almost immediately the light began to move in our direction. Then it stopped and went out, then lit up again. It did this several times, always coming closer and duplicat- ing exactly our signals. “Think hard,” I told my sister. “Think that we want it to come closer.” As soon as I said that the light went out again. But a few seconds later it reappeared—much closer and larger—almost the size of a small washtub. I signaled again and the light seemed to shrink and expand in the same number of answer- ing signals. Then it moved still closer and became stationary again. The huge dimensions of the thing became quite apparent to us. I was strongly affected by the awesome spectacle and I wasn’t alone. From be- neath our car deep throated growls told me that our dog saw it too and was alarmed. Even the cats stood stiffly humped, emitting the little yowling noises that cats make when they are frightened. The baby stirred restlessly between us. My sister’s fingers gripped my arm. “Don’t signal anymore, Doris,” she gasped into my ear. There was no need to signal again for the enormous, glowing shape was float- ing on down toward us with the buoy- ancy of a gigantic bubble. As I watched its descent and approach I felt the great mass of the thing—a tremendous, controlled force. When it stooped again it was not more than a 100 yards away and proba- bly 30 feet above the ground. We saw a huge, undulating sphere of vibrating, yellowish light that was laced around and throughout with veins of deepest orange. The great, globular mass gave off no heat, no smell, and no sound. It just hung there waiting... The next instant our cats let out squalls of terror and fled. Our dog snarled furiously. I could hear him in the dark- ness as he went growling across the yard toward the house. The monstrous light was coming closer. The baby began whimpering in his sleep as if he sensed something frighten- ing. For a split second my sister and I ex- changed looks over the baby’s tiny form. Then with a quick movement I snatched him into my arms, we both turned and slid feet first from the car and struck the ground running like crazy towards the dark bulk of the house. When we reached the porch we skimmed up the steps and into the house to stand just inside the open front door, shaking and breathless, trying to quiet my wailing baby. Connie leaned forward and peered cautiously out the door. “It’s gone,” she whispered. I looked, too, but only the dark bulk of the car stood at the edge of the field; nothing else! We did not venture out any- more that night but we sat up for a long time talking. “I wonder what would have happened if we’d stayed?” Connie asked me. “I don’t know,” I replied. “But with the baby’s safety at stake, I couldn’t risk find- ing out.” “I know,” she answered. We had proved we could contact the thing. However, several things puzzled us. Why had our animals been so terrified? Why had we been suddenly overcome with a desire to flee? And, why hadn’t the thing, if it really meant us harm, over- taken us in our flight? It could easily have done so as it could move with great rapidity. We came up with several possibilities: perhaps the great light did not want to overtake us; perhaps the touch of the sub- stance of the thing would have been so completely alien to human or beast that it would have brought death. I personally believe that the thing was repelled by our fears of it, that it really did not mean us any harm. I also believe that the huge, glowing sphere was as interested in us as we were in it, that if we had stayed we might have been able to achieve some kind of mental communication with the thing. If we had remained would we have learned where it came from and of what substance it was composed? The answers to these questions may still be available to Connie and me be- cause the great UFO is still watching us; I am certain of this. On April 15,1961, I chanced to go out rather late in the evening to feed my dogs and my son, now 11, called my attention to a strange light, which was moving in our direction, low over the tree tops. I watched as the thing moved closer, then stopped and, for a full minute, deliber- ately blinked out its rhythmic signals. Then it contracted until it seemed just to disappear. I am not at all surprised by the reappearance of the light. This recent sight- ing merely confirms my suspicions that it is still around, watching and waiting.

Our last attempt to signal the light was on the night of May 30, this year, when Connie and I, and my son, settled our- selves in a large double hammock in my front yard. The hour was rather late11:55—and the moonlight was brilliant. We’d barely begun flashing our sig- nal light when an enormous meteor came rushing across the sky and directly over our house, spewing flaming fragments for miles around. The earth shaking sonic boom from the meteor so frightened my mother, who is an invalid with a serious heart condition and lives with us now, that we were unable to continue our experiment. However, we’re going to try again and, who knows, maybe we will be rewarded by the first interview with a UFO visitor from the unknown.

What is behind the recent proliferation of movies, books, and articles dealing with UFOs? Gregory Kanon reveals the facts about UFOS, using recently declassified government documents, newspaper accounts, and scientific reports. He exposes the truth about the government disinformation machine.

Greg Kanon is a writer, artist, and psychotherapist. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United States, Canada, and abroad. He is the great-great-great grandnephew of famous American author Ambrose Bierce. Was Ronald Reagan's mention of ET invasion a metaphor, a prediction, or a setup?

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