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Is This a Piece of an Extraterrestrial Craft?

FATE Sept-Oct 2008, Vol 61, No 8

Bob White found something strange in 1985. He can explain it, and often does, but people don’t take him seriously. That is something he can’t explain. The object he found is metallic, about seven and a half inches long, and resembles petrified wood. What makes it special to White is that he saw it ejected from a strange light…a light he’s certain was a UFO.

“This thing came down out of the sky,” said White, 77, of Reeds Spring, Missouri. “It was glowing like it was on fire. There’s no doubt in my mind it wasn’t anything of this earth. It couldn’t be.”

White took the object to government lab after government lab, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, and after two decades of being brushed off, someone is taking him seriously.

Mark W. Allin of The Above Network (, an Internet discussion board on alternative news topics that boasts 127,794 members) has come to White’s aid, partly because he knows an object like this has been seen before.

It Gets Bizarre

“When you take into account the eyewitness testimony of Bob, who has passed three polygraph tests, this object becomes very unique,” Allin said. “When you add the discovery of a formerly classified military report that describes an extremely similar event that also produced an object that is extremely similar to the Bob White object, it just gets bizarre.”

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