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Lessons Learned from a Contactee: Part 1

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller

Lessons Learned from a Contactee:

Woodrow W. Derenberger (1916-1990)

First Encounter

Woodrow Derenberger’s extraterrestrial contact case came to the attention of the UFO

community, and the world, when his story was picked up by the wire services in the second week

of November 1966. Before that month was out, investigators from both the Air Force and the

planet’s largest civilian UFO group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial

Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, D.C., were interviewing Derenberger and searching for

evidence of the alien presence on Earth in the alleged landing zone of the flying saucer, just

outside of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

His initial experience with the flying saucer and a being from another planet took place

on the night of 2 November 1966. Derenberger, a salesman for a sewing machine company,

completed his sale in Marietta, Ohio, and was on the road, driving his pick-up back home to

Mineral Wells, West Virginia, on the outskirts of Parkersburg just off Interstate 77.

About halfway between Parkersburg and his home, a big saucer-shaped craft nestled

down on the South Hill Road in front of Derenberger’s pick-up truck. The object literally

covered the width of the highway from berm-to-berm. Surprisingly, Derenberger was more

curious than anxious about the UFO landing.

Derenberger noticed a hatch opening up on the side of the object. There was an intense

light pouring out from the open portal, and out stepped a slim, seemingly fit specimen of a man,

dark-skinned and middle-aged. Derenberger estimated him to be about 40 years old, plus or

minus five years.

The ufonaut started walking over to Derenberger’s pick-up truck. The mysterious craft

suddenly rose about 50 feet in the air, hovering overhead while the visitor approached

Derenberger’s truck, mentally transmitting the thought to him that he desired the experiencer to

roll down the window and have a friendly chat with him.

Derenberger complied, rolling down the window. The extraterrestrial self identified as

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