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Lily Nova’s CE5 Experiences

Like many people during the COVID-19 lockdown of Winter 2020, Lily Nova developed a new interest.

The 29-year-old resident of St Louis, Missouri, decided to learn more about astrophotography to keep

her from the grips of boredom.

She got more excitement than she bargained for when in November of that year she had her first UFO

experience. It was a bright light hovering in the sky then a triangular shaped craft appeared that was

much closer to her.

It was such an intense experience that was a life-changing experience, especially as she had not thought

much about aliens and UFOs before. A couple of months later she saw another UFO and since then she

has regularly seen all types of UFOs from orbs to metallic-looking ships.

Her story was splashed across the British tabloid newspapers

Lily tells me that:

‘After the UFO's began visiting me on a regular basis and I began “investigating” and learning more

about them, I realized that I could initiate contact with them. This was over the course of 6 months of

investigation. The first night I went out with the intention of initiating contact with them (instead of them

just showing up), within 5 minutes of getting out of the car and sending out the invitation, a golden orb

appeared in the sky above me. This orb moved around to my questions.

‘A friend who was present during this whole experience suggested that we close our eyes and see what

information we can get that way. When I closed my eyes, this golden orb sent me a vision of a light blue

ET woman laying on a table with her eyes closed, no hair, and a skin-tight silver space uniform. She had

about 5 crew members in the same uniform standing behind her and the table. I now believe this blue

woman was “manning” or controlling this golden orb through her consciousness and some

consciousness-assisted technology.

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