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Past Life Pirates and Ghosts

By: Natalie Fowler

I began my career as a psychic medium somewhat reluctantly. I used to be a lawyer. When my psychic gifts began to come online a few years ago, it not only took me awhile to embrace them, but also figure out what the heck I’m supposed to do with them. Mostly, I have followed a calling to help souls who are stuck. This can be as straight forward as helping homeowners when they have a ghost who won’t move on and leave them alone. But I also offer readings, where I work with clients one-on-one. My gift allows me to tap into guidance from their guides and guardian angels, thereby offering them a higher perspective. It’s hard to be human. It can be incredibly helpful to have that insight when we are struggling with the regular challenges of this human existence. In my work, I seem to learn something new about the complexities of our human souls, every day.

I have worked hard to develop the various “clairs” (i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient and claircognizance, to name the big ones) in my own spiritual development. The strongest of my psychic gifts is claircognizance. This has always been the most troublesome for my logical lawyer brain. My recovering lawyer-self would much prefer to have psychic information come in with a vision or a voice instead of just a big information dump that doesn’t always seem to have corroborating evidence.

A few years ago, everything I knew about souls got an upgrade with my own son.

One afternoon, my then fourth-grader came into the kitchen clutching his library book to his chest and his big hazel eyes welled with tears. “Mom, this book scares me.”

The chaotic transition of after-school snacks into the coordination of quiet homework time came to a pause with his words. “What is it Luke, let me see?”

He held up his book about pirates. The front cover featured a caricature drawing of a pirate and the words from the title “Horrible Things You Would Rather Not Know” seemed to jump right off the page at me.

With a sigh, I scolded him. “Luke. You know you are an empath. You know that when you see an image, you can’t get it out of your head. If there is ever a book with the title, Horrible Things You’d Rather Not Know, you, of all people, do not want to know them!”

He dropped his head and I wrapped my arms around him, gently taking the book out of his hands. As I hugged him, my psychic gift of claircognizance kicked on.

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