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Phone Call From An Alien

Fate Magazine April 2006

UFO contact comes in many different forms. Some people have sightings of craft. Others have onboard experiences. Some experience bedroom visitations with ETs. Others have only telepathic contact or even claim to channel ETs. But there is another form of contact that is so rare, there have been only a few reported cases. These unique cases involve UFO contact through a simple instrument found in most homes -- the telephone. As bizarre as this sounds, enough accounts have turned up to merit a serious investigation.


Jack Sarfatti is today a prominent quantum physicist. Unknown to many, however, is that he may owe some of his success to a very unusual experience -- a phone call from a flying saucer! The whole ordeal began more than fifty years ago.

Says Sarfatti, “In 1952 and 1953, when I was about twelve or thirteen years old, I received a phone call…in which a mechanical sounding voice at the other end said it was a computer on board a flying saucer. They wanted to teach me something and would I be willing? This was my free choice. Would I be willing to be taught – to communicate with them? I remember a shiver going up my spine, because I said, ‘Hey, man, this is real.’ Of course, I was kid…but I said, ‘yes.’”

Sarfatti was impressed. He ran and got his friends, and they gathered together in his bedroom, awaiting the upcoming promised contact. Unfortunately, nothing occurred, and Sarfatti assumed at first that it was just a clever practical joke.

At this point, his memory of the event strangely ends. But according to Sarfatti’s mother, the first phone call was followed by a series of similar phone calls – each giving Sarfatti information that would leave him forever changed. Says Sarfatti, “My mother remembers this experience very well. It turns out that I had forgotten most of it. This was really something that occurred over several weeks. Apparently what happened, which is completely blanked from my memory but not from hers, was that I continually received phone calls, many phone calls from the same source. My mother says I was walking around really strange. She began to get worried about me. Finally, one day she picked up the phone, and she heard this computer. She remembers the voices…She said, ‘Leave my boy alone!’ The Jewish mother talking to the flying saucer or whatever they were. My mother has a strong personality. And that was the end of it. We never got another phone call after that.”

While Sarfatti is unable to consciously recall the messages given to him, his pioneering career as a quantum physicist may hold some of the answers. He championed Bell’s theorem which is based on the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky quantum physics experiments regarding the possibility that subatomic particles behave in a way that indicates some sort of “telepathic communication with each other.” Einstein felt that such a possibility was “absurd.” However, current experiments have proven, as Sarfatti claimed, that subatomic particles are in fact connected with each other “non-locally.” Sarfatti is today a leading authority on the physics of consciousness. (Mishlove, pp23-24.)


A remarkably similar case comes from the files of leading abduction investigator, Budd Hopkins. Debbie Jordan (aka: Kathie Davis of Intruders) has had a lifetime of UFO encounters in her rural Indiana home, including sightings, landings, abductions and more. And then, of course, there were the mysterious phone calls.

Starting in 1980, when she was pregnant with her second son, she began to receive a series of strange phone calls. The first one came on a Wednesday afternoon. Jordan answered the phone, but all she could hear was a roar “like a factory in full swing” and “a voice moaning and muttering but using no syllables she could understand.”

She assumed somebody was playing a practical joke, and asked what was happening. When several solicitations received no response, she hung up the receiver and thought nothing further of it.

However, the next Wednesday, again at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, she received another identical phone call. Again there was a strange moaning voice with other odd noises. Again, she listened for a few moments and hung up. Following that, the phone-calls came regularly every Wednesday at about the same time. While she usually hung up, sometimes Debbie sat and listened with fascination to the “weird sounds.”

On one occasion, Jordan’s mother answered the phone and also heard “guttural sounds, the moaning, and the background roaring and clicking noises.” On another occasion, Jordan’s friend answered the phone and heard a strange voice. All the witnesses describe the voice as being sometimes angry, sometimes sad and sometimes neutral, talking in an unintelligible monologue. They couldn’t tell if the voice was a man or a woman.

Finally, Jordan decided to have her phone number changed to an unpublished listing. She received her new unlisted number on a Monday. The next day, Tuesday, the mysterious phone caller rang. On this occasion, the voice sounded angry. It was the only time the mysterious calls ever came on any day other than Wednesday.

The calls continued for nine months, the entire duration of Jordan’s pregnancy, then suddenly stopped. The ordeal was finally over. Or so she thought. Her son was thankfully born healthy and whole. However, by age three he had developed a strange speech problem. Instead of talking he would moan “much like the mysterious caller” who had plagued them for nine months. A battery of tests revealed no abnormality. Thankfully, he has grown out of the problem. But at the time, Jordan connected it to the phone caller, which she feels is somehow related to her UFO experiences. (Hopkins, pp19-20.)


Betty Andreasson is one of today’s best-known UFO abductees. A half-dozen books have been written about her extensive UFO experiences. Not surprisingly, she has also experienced a few alien phone calls. It was October 19, 1977, and Andreasson was talking on the phone with her new friend Bob Luca (also an abductee,) whom she would later marry. Suddenly, a third party cut into their conversation. Says Andreasson, “It’s some of the beings and they’re angry. Very angry. They broke into Bob’s and my telephone conversation. And I can make out what they’re saying: ‘It’s finished! It is done.’ And they’re really angry…They’re talking very plainly but it’s in a strange language, almost like a mad hornet. And I told them to speak up louder so that Bob could hear more clearly. And I heard – click, click – and they did speak louder. And it went – click, click, down – and they kept on speaking…and I’m hearing tones, like, ah, musical tones of some kind on the telephone.”

Andreasson describes the phone call in familiar terms. As she says, “It was a different language. There was a lot of L’s and a lot of T’s in it and a lot of rolling sounds. It was fast, like a record was put on fast speed, but even though it was fast, the words were very clear. It was somebody very excited and quick…I could hear sort of a noise like some kind of heavy machinery was being set up…clickings and noises like they were putting things in order…Then that stopped, and they started talking again – and they were angry, just like an insect. It was like you would picture a mad hornet or an ant gouging away at something. The words just kept on going and repeating over and over.”

Bob Luca was unable to distinguish any words. After a few moments, Andreasson became upset, so both she and Luca hung up the phone and called their respective investigators to report the strange incident.

Later that evening Andreasson was visited by ETs in her bedroom, who warned her of an upcoming tragedy in her family. Two days later, two of her children were killed in an automobile accident.

This was not the only occasion that the ETs used the phone to communicate with Andreasson. In 1973, in the middle of the night, she experienced a visitation in her Massachusetts home. She was still reeling from the encounter when the phone rang. A strange “high-pitched female voice” was on the line, asking for her husband. Whoever it was then immediately hung up. The phone call apparently worked as some kind of hypnotic device, for as a result, Andreasson completely forget the encounter that had just occurred and instead, returned to bed. (Fowler, pp129-140.)

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