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Space Ships, Flying Saucers and Clean Noses

Space Ships, Flying Saucers and Clean Noses

By Ray Palmer

May, 1950

Let’s assume that a space ship from another solar system landed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds…

Would the American people be told about it? Would it be attacked without warning, thereby violating the Constitution of the United States which provides that only Congress can declare war? Or would (providing intelligent contact was made with the crew of the space ship) a “secret” classification be placed on the whole matter, and at the discretion of high Army brass, would events be considered Army “property” and information received be used solely for Army purposes, and be withheld from any possible benefit for the Citizen? Would such information be turned (assuming it ws technical knowledge greatly advanced over our own) to the purposes of armament rather than the purposes of peacetime technology? Would the American Citizen who wanted to know what was going on be told it was “none of his business?” Lastly, would he find himself “in trouble if he insisted it was his business? What kind of trouble? Would the advent of a space ship junk the American Constitution? Just who is to decide just what the duty of the “guardians of National safety?” Has the average American anything to say about it?

First, let it be perfectly clear that, provided we are attacked by enemies from outer space, the American Army has been hired to defend us. As tax-paying citizens of America, we shall require that the men whose salaries we pay for the purpose of shooting at invading space creatures, proceed with the shooting. Congress, hired for the purpose of declaring war when necessary, will back them up legally.

Today, all over the world, the military has “first crack” at any technological advancement. If it can be used for either offensive or defensive war, it is appropriated. If there is anything left over, it goes to the civilian, provided such use won’t give the “enemy” any “vital” armament information.

Those who argue for preparedness have their point, and I won’t dispute them. They fear Russia and perhaps with good reason. Apparently Russia fears us, and perhaps with equally good reason. Just a few moments thought on how much of my money is being spent for offensive weapons scares even me. I don’t trust me at all. But that’s the mental outlook of the whole world today, and it will take a great spiritual revival to change it-or a war which will leave us all flat broke, and incapable of waging another or even preparing for it. It’s that mental outlook, which is one of psychotic suicidal tendencies, a mental disease, which is responsible for our army of “defense” which so interferes with our freedom, our privacy, our progress, our happiness, our peacefulness. Actually we can’t blame the brass for the polish we have given it by our stupid lack of interest in our welfare. We are too lazy and selfish to do our own work, and creating a peaceful world is hard work, so we let the hired help do it. Paradoxically, we hire warriors to make peace. How visitors from space must laugh at such stupidity, be amazed, and depart, shaking their heads.

What I am doing is “hitting back.” When FATE first began its flying saucer investigations, it conducted itself in what it considered an absolutely fair way. It resorted to no “smear” tactics. It did not wax “sarcastic.” It did not “belittle”. It still refuses to resort to such tactics. But it will speak out in indignation, and defend itself. So, here it goes.

I wish to quote, first, a typical recent newspaper story quoting Army Intelligence. I will present it word for word, and then I will proceed to take it apart, as it deserves.

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