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April 17 – The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), a data-driven organization of scientists, academics, and research professionals dedicated to conducting and supporting open scientific research into unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), released the following announcement: The SCU published the following peer-reviewed report: UAP Pattern Recognition Study; 1945-1975 US Military Atomic Warfare Complex, by SCU members Larry J. Hancock, Ian M. Porritt, Sean Grosvenor, Larry Cates, and Ike Okafor. The new study examined UAP incidents over three decades (1945-1975), revealing a pattern of activity focused on the American atomic warfare complex (radioactive materials production, weapons assembly facilities, stockpile locations, and weapons deployment bases) as well as a similar pattern focused on aerospace test and development. “Through scientific analysis, our members found patterns of historical UAP activity related to our military’s nuclear assets spanning three decades,” said SCU executive board member Robert Powell. “The first study of its kind, the results of which raise national security concerns, should serve as a call to our scientists and government to take a serious look at the longstanding and unresolved issues surrounding UAP reports.” The study also revealed patterns of UAP activity that were unique in time and repeated only in conjunction with the deployment of new generations of atomic weapons delivery systems. Those patterns were not seen in UAP incidents reported from conventional military bases or nuclear power plants. Read the study online here: SCU promotes and encourages the rigorous scientific examination of UAP, commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). SCU comprises scientists, engineers, members of the high-tech and defense industries, former military, and other professionals, utilizing scientific principles, methodologies, and practices to advance the study of UAP observed and reported around the globe. The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions to SCU are tax-deductible.


UFO fleet flies in new direction A UFO fleet (shown in green) appeared over the Pacific Ocean west of Ecuador, South America on March 31, 2023. Mary Hall caught it as she watched the live video feed from the International Space Station at 2:30 that morning (ET). This fleet was unusual. Instead of flying in front of the Space Station camera from right to left or up and down, it flew from left to right. This is the first time we’ve seen this, though it certainly could have happened before since it’s impossible to watch the ISS live video feed around the clock. – Thanks to Click here to watch the 2:33-minute ISS video

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