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Swamp Ape Video Could Be The Real Deal

It’s rare to get a video of a Swamp Ape, especially one that looks genuine. The video was taken by Josh Highcliff when he was hunting wild hogs in a swamp west of Tunica, Mississippi. Because he was wearing hunting camo and sitting quietly waiting for a wild hog, the Swamp Ape didn’t know he was there.

So, Josh was able to videotape the creature as it ate something from within the hollow of a large cypress tree, most likely inner bark. The video also shows the creature tossing what may be inedible outer bark into the shallow swamp water. Through most of the video, the Swamp Ape (another name for Bigfoot) is hunkered down eating, but when it stood up, Josh took off running. He estimated the creature was about seven feet tall and definitely not a bear.

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