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The location known as ‘The Meadow’ is in the Southern States of the USA. Its location

has been kept a secret by me and my colleagues at ASOG in order to preserve it and

keep it as pristine as ever and protect it from the casual paranormal investigator. It is a

location where a great deal of paranormal activity has taken place and has been

witnessed and recorded by me and my colleagues.

October in XXXXXXX can be pretty cool, and this outing in the latter part of 2021 was

no different; members of the Anomalous Studies & Observation Group (ASOG) bundled

up against the chill. They hiked to investigate a remote, green open area just a few

miles from and very similar to the infamous MEADOW, which was home to so many

extraordinary incidents of high strangeness. Keith, Kristen, Jessica and two guest

researchers concealed themselves in the tree line at this new location; their high-tech

equipment scanned for thermal energy and electro-magnetic changes, and radiation

spikes. The general region around ‘The Meadow’ has been a known hotspot for odd

phenomena for generations; we were hoping that this would remain the case. The

ASOG team saw several wandering lights and orb-like objects in the distance. This

location was just 300 meters from where Trey Hudson and a friend had encountered a

strange figure moving silently along an isolated trail, casting a spectral light before it

(see Chapter Two, Part III of the “Meadow Project: Explorations into the South’s

Skinwalker Ranch”). The cold quiet was shattered by Jessica jumping up from her field

chair and exclaiming, “Something just grabbed me!”

Hotspots for extreme weirdness worldwide are noted not only for the uncanny and

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