The Rendlesham Enigma & An Experiment in Consciousness

Anyone remotely interested within ufology will know of the 1980 Rendlesham UFO incident in Suffolk and which is considered England’s Roswell. This case has been meticulously studied, and arguments still rage as to what members of the American military stationed at the joint British-American air base RAF Woodbridge/RAF Bentwaters over three nights during the Christmas period had witnessed, although it is blatantly clear some unearthly phenomenon had presented itself to all those involved, contrary to what others have speculated in trying to suggest a rational explanation. More to the point, much of the public are equally unaware of the strange anomalous activity, (whether UFO related or paranormal) within the immediate area owned by the forestry commission before and well after the military’s encounter with apparent UFOs which made Suffolk so famous.

I would never have dreamt that, in some small way, I would eventually write a book based around the mystery of Rendlesham and link up with one of the co-authors to the very first volume on the phenomenon, Brenda Butler. Brenda, along with Dot Street and renowned ufologist/author, Jenny Randles released their findings which centred around the UFOs witnessed by Colonel Charles Halt, Jim Penniston, John Burroughs, along with many other military personnel in ‘Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy’ and published by Neville Spearman Ltd back in 1984. Since that time, many other books and documentaries have surfaced regarding England’s Roswell, and I had been reluctant to add to the wealth of controversy, but my own personal experiences and investigations into the forest set a deep need inside for me to try and work out why Suffolk appeared to be a UFO/paranormal hotspot, like varied other locations around the world. Little was I to realise that I would be introduced to a whole plethora of truly incredible encounters/experiences.

This had, of course, been due to a meeting with my now good friend, Peter Robbins back in late 1997 when he’d been promoting his new book whilst attending a UFO group I belonged to here in England. He’d told me within the duration of a break and privately, along with my identical twin brother, Ronald and good friend, Susan that we had to go to the forest and see for ourselves the truly extraordinary events which were apparently still occurring there. We had to take the challenge and immediately set out to investigate the claims Peter had informed us about. There was also a sense of serendipity about all of this. When the story regarding the American military encountering a UFO near the base of Bentwaters broke in ‘The Guardian’ on the 25th January 1985, I remember as a young lad reading the headlines, absolutely fascinated that aliens had infiltrated an American military base.

Susan, Ronald, and I had ventured into the forest as advised by Peter on countless occasions, most of which afforded us the witnessing of strange orbs coming out of the ground, hot stones being thrown down from the sky in broad daylight, along with the appearance of military helicopters which, on many occasions throughout our night vigils, hung low above the forest trees to flush us out for some peculiar reason. There had even been a disturbing incident whereby someone, (or thing) had left a fresh, dead rabbit and a rat on our blanket which we used to sit on during our night vigils. Yet, the best was yet to come within our research surrounding this highly controversial locale.

Susan, Ronald, along with myself decided to try an experiment and see whether we could summon a UFO. Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what we did. I got the idea after hearing Karen Carpenter’s song, ‘Calling Occupants’ on the radio. Was ‘Calling Occupants’ via the mind possible? Because I had been involved with a lot of paranormal research and experimentation, we decided to give it a go. After all, we had nothing to lose. We set a date for another visit to the forest. This would be the 8th June 1998. A week prior to the planned journey, we set up a small circle at home and meditated. For many years, I knew of the application in the deceased being able to communicate through mediums, and I also knew that these so-called ‘aliens’ perhaps operated within higher states of dimensional awareness. I was open-minded enough to consider that humans are not the only life forms to grace this puzzling universe, or multi-verses, for that matter. Consciousness, I felt, was the key to much of what has been and still is occurring on multiple levels of reality. Our meditation session lasted roughly twenty-five minutes, or so. No psychic impressions were felt, but we did sense that our thoughts had been received. It was more of a feeling than anything, but we couldn’t be sure.

On the 8th June we set out on the two-hour journey from Bedford to Suffolk, sandwiches and flasks of coffee made to get us through the long night. The weather was beautiful and clear. On each visit to the forest, we always made sure we got there around 2 pm in the afternoon to set up base and enjoy the tranquillity before the dark set in. Our usual routine was to park the car in the space which led down towards East Gate. In the opposite direction lay the forest. This had been the area where Penniston and Burroughs had seen the lights back in 1980 and which led to the drama which soon followed. We walked the long distance into the forest and passed what Brenda Butler had called the Godzilla tree. This was merely a tree in the shape of the fictitious Japanese monster which served as our half-way mark to the place that we frequented while making our observations. Our main objective was to set ourselves up on the perimeter of the forest which looked out upon a huge field where Green Farm was located, and within the region of Capel Green. I felt certain that if any form of contact were to be established, it would be here.

At around 9.30 pm, and under a full moon and stars, I took myself out into the farmer’s field with a pair of dowsing rods. Both Ronald and Susan remained within the edge of the forest to ensure that, should the farmer be watching through binoculars, then I could make a hasty retreat into the forest. After all, he was renowned for chasing strangers off his land due to visitors’ interest in the 1980 UFO occurrence, and rightfully so! After all, we were trespassing. Susan kept an eye out using her binoculars, just to make certain. Yet, we were determined to execute our experiment and we felt certain we had to be in the field. I noticed there were two parts to the area. To our left was rich crop, and to the right was mostly dry dirt covered in thick, tall grass. My dowsing rods began to react when I’d moved further out into the field and within the patchy area of land, and I felt certain this was where we were to sit and meditate. I called over to Ronald and Susan, and they duly crept over to where we now sat in a small circle. We cleared our minds and sent out the request which we had done back in Bedford a week ago, asking that ‘they’ show themselves to us. We had brought ‘no’ recording equipment, and something which had also been agreed on a mental level.

After roughly twenty minutes, or so, we stood up, looking around and discussing how we’d felt. We each reported pretty much what we’d experienced back home – that we’d somehow been ‘heard,’ if that makes any sense? It was at 10.07 pm when we noticed a red light, and which seemed to be coming from the farmer’s house. We thought, at first, that the old boy had spotted us, got in his car, and was heading our way across the field to get us off his land. As we hurried back into the forest, I suddenly stopped in my tracks. Firstly, a vehicle’s lights are not red. There had been no sound of a car’s engine or motorbike, for that matter. We turned back and resumed our original position. The light seemed to be spinning and appeared to be coming towards us. From our vantage point, it may have been no bigger than a football. Incredulous, we all observed this strange object before the luminosity shot with great speed across the field towards the north, before disappearing. During this point, we had all been amazed and spoke excitedly about what had just occurred. Using our binoculars, we scanned the area to see if the object would make another appearance, hoping that the light would show itself to us again.

At exactly 10.15 pm, something incredible happened. A bright, white light flashed above several of the tall trees to the north. Its radiance had been so intense; it caught our attention immediately. There, and seemingly floating effortlessly above the trees now hung an object which defied logic. Stunned, we each watched as this strange device started to rotate. It was in the shape of a perfect pyramid which began to glow, spewing out golden colours from within the core of its structure. There had been a small gap directly under the base of the pyramid, and a circular undercarriage with a bank of blue lights was present and rotating in the opposite direction from the main body of the craft. Like some witch’s hat, but where the rim was separate from the base of the pyramid and which appeared as a separate device altogether, (but also being one of the same) the two parts began to rotate in opposite directions to one another. The mechanism didn’t move up or down, left or right, it just hung there like some ornate decoration. I knew that it had been a machine of sorts, but one which defied gravity. There came no sound whatsoever. I remember feeling awed and shocked. This was real!

Speechless and stunned, my mind became an inferno of revelation. I did the only thing I felt necessary, and that was to run towards the object. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might be in danger. During this point, I didn’t care. To my mind, this was a revelation, and one in which I needed to connect with. As I ran towards the floating machine, now entering that part of the field where tall crop grew, I felt my jeans becoming soaked. I never once let my focus wane from the object which continued to majestically rotate, seemingly taunting its witnesses like some child caught in a magician’s spell. This, to my mind, was the Holy Grail of revelation within the annuals of ufology. I had been searching for this all my life and it was here, right in front of our very eyes. I remember frantically calling back to both Susan and Ronnie who were in pursuit behind me, shouting out to confirm that what we were seeing was indeed a pyramid, and that it had a circular appendage beneath its structure. I just wanted them to verify that we were each seeing the same thing.

I got closer. Like some half-crazed hominid, all I wanted was to reach out to this thing and connect with it. There had been no psychic impressions or thoughts from the object whatsoever, and I must make that clear. As I got closer to the large tree where the object hung, I could clearly see its undercarriage. It had been huge! I tripped, fell, and took in a mouthful of dirt. Like someone turning off a light, the craft disappeared – gone!

I got up and cried, then laughed, then laughed and cried. Both Ronnie and Susan came over to where I’d stumbled, and each of us searched above. Nothing! Incredulous, we hung around for an hour to see if the object would return before collecting our things from our small camp and making our trek back to the car. On the drive back, we excitedly talked about the whole event. I had never felt so stunned and shocked by the events that had transpired. We considered whether the red light we had seen before the appearance of the triangular craft was one of the same. Unfortunately, that