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Triangular UFO’s of the United Kingdom

It was the 31st March 1999 at 9.50 pm that my life changed forever, that was the night of our close encounter with an alien triangular craft in the Warwickshire countryside. My family and I were approximately 100 feet away from the triangle as it de-cloaked in front of our eyes. That night sent me off on a path of discovery into the world of ufology. I was eager to speak and meet as may people as possible, I scoured the internet, joined UFO groups and went to UFO conferences here and in the States, talking to people and gaining much information along the way. As an ex-aerospace engineer I first drew and then built models of the craft we saw that night, I then used the models to make presentations more tangible to the audience. It was at the last OLM conference in Hull when I was giving a presentation that I bumped into the Kinsella twins, Ronnie and Philip. Philip was enthralled with my lecture and suggested I write a book about my experience and the strange happenings since the encounter. In the back of my mind I was toying with the idea of writing the book in my retirement but after speaking with Philip Kinsella I decided to start right away and I am grateful to him for giving me the impetus to get started. Mr Kinsella suggested Philip Mantles Flying Disk Press as the ideal platform for publishing the book and I’m am indebted for the help and encouragement received from Philip Mantle throughout the writing of the book.

I have acquired a wealth of information on Triangles over the last 24 years and as this was my main interest in the subject I decided, for the purpose of the book, to concentrate purely on the Triangular craft. It was pretty obvious from the start that my own encounter and subsequent “paranormal” incidents were not enough to fill the book and this was an ideal opportunity to include many of the accounts I have received over the years. I also invited other Triangle witnesses to come forward via social media with their stories and the response was tremendous.

It became apparent to me through my own experience that paranormal activity and UFO’s go hand in hand. I decided to ask all the witnesses I was still in contact with if they have had any other experiences, either before or after their encounter, the response was so great that there is a whole chapter dedicated to this phenomenon. Along with this we also have a short chapter on alien telepathy and the placing of images into the mind.

The book covers over 130 cases of encounters with triangles, many at roof top height or closer and the details make for very interesting reading, some include actual aliens too, plus there are two accounts of witnesses actually touching a triangle!

From information gleamed from the book we can see the triangles come in different colours, not just Black and Grey but Orange, White Gold etc. The coloured lights on these triangles, mainly reported as Red and White, actually have been seen as Green, Blue, Bronze etc. Then there are reports of noise from some of the encounters, like a low humming transformer. Also there’s the movement, fluid, gliding, floating etc so many similarities throughout the 130 reports in the book and so much information contained therein.

Many of the reports come from the general public but the book also includes military personal, pilots and police officers. Plus a report on the Triangle that was seen hovering over Sir Michael Howard house, the then Home Secretary.

Colin’s Model

The book also contains an in depth report on the Calvine UFO supplied by Dr David Clarke on the alleged best photo of a UFO yet, hidden from the public for fifty years.

The book contains a wealth of information for those researching triangular craft and will be an invaluable aid to the experiencer and researcher alike.

Synchronicity sees the book being released via Amazon on the 31st March 2023


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