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UFO flies low over NC’s DuPont Forest

From our friends at On February 6, 2023, we were contacted by a man who’d recently seen a low-flying UFO over the DuPont State Recreational Forest which is southwest of Hendersonville, North Carolina. He saw it from Crab Creek Road near the intersection with DuPont Road. Below is what he reported to us. – The editor “I observed the object for around three minutes as it traveled from the southwest toward the northeast. It was about half the size of my thumb at arm’s length when I first saw it, but when it flew directly over me, it looked to be about the size of two large SUVs. There was no sound whatsoever. “From a distance, it was a thin oval of soft flickering light but it blackened out the sky as it flew over me. It was moving super slow until it was about 100 yards beyond me. Then it pitched up rapidly and went south toward Cedar Mountain.“About five to six years ago, my wife and I saw another UFO directly over Cedar Mountain when the National Guard had a heavy presence there. I was told that the National Guard was ‘conducting training and aiding in a civil and environmental engineering project’ but what they were doing was confusing and strange – like roads bulldozed all through there that were never used.”

Massive UFO over Great Smoky Mountains National Park EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the following email from a U.S. Air Force veteran. If you saw the same massive UFO in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the afternoon of Friday, January 6, 2023, please let us know. “I saw something very strange today. About 3:30 in the afternoon, clear blue skies, enjoying the ride, I was returning from Gatlinburg on 441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and had passed the TN line, coming down the mountain when I saw a flash on the left on the ridgeline. “I then saw a massive silver, metallic object between the peaks. It seemed to be moving in the same direction as I was traveling. It disappeared and showed at the next dip in the ridgeline. I heard no sound, saw no lights or windows. I pulled over. I was trying to rationalize what I saw and couldn't. “I think it was cigar shaped but I did not see the leading edge or trailing edge, only the center mass. I can't wrap my head around it. I am an Air Force veteran, and have worked the flight line, and nothing about this makes sense. I was curious, frightened and strangely enough very angry afterward. I thought I'd put this out to see if someone else saw it too.”


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