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Very Strange Event--Footprint in the Snow

The most bizarre events are not the large scale hauntings of incredible paranormal events. Sometimes the most mysterious are small things that seem out of place and haunting, causing one to question the nature of the universe in which we live. Such was the recent friend who lives in a remote ranch in Colorado. He a retired NASA artist who became friends when we worked on a project together. We keep in touch and he contacted me about the strange event that happened to him recently.

"I live in Rush, Colorado on forty acres. I can see Pikes Peak fifty miles away," He e-mailed me on the 5th of December, 2021. "The nearest people are about three miles away and they have no kids. It snowed in the night and the next morning I got up about seven o'clock and went out to my shed. It was freezing cold. I looked down and in the fresh snow was one bare footprint pressed into the snow. It was a right foot. It was as if someone had lowered a ten year old child, barefooted, to create the footprint. There were no other footprints around but mine." He asked what might have caused such a thing? I was at a loss to explain what might have caused this seemingly impossible event. I knew my friend and he is not one prone to flights of fancy or pranks.

I suggested that it may have been somehow left over from when real children might have been present and if it may have been some sort of evidence of a paranormal event, such as a spirit visitation. Knowing his scientific background I even speculated that it might be a "bleed though" from another dimension or perhaps an angelic visitation of some sort. He sent the photograph he took of the footprint as well as the answers to my inquiries. "There were no children around. The last child here was about two months before the print was made.

My own grandchildren all live in other states. I am a devout church going Christian. I believe in the supernatural. At the time nothing supernatural happened to me or my wife. It could be a bleed trough from another dimension. Research proves other dimensions exist." The photograph seems to show a single footprint in the snow, with his shadow in part of the picture. But what could account for such as odd happening?


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