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When Worlds Collide

Br Brian Allan & Barry Fitzgerald

In 1993, physical mediums Alan and Diana Bennett conducted a series of experiments that

created a muted stir among some in the scientific community. Their comrades in the five year

process were Robin and Sandra Foy. This UK based psychical research team met twice a

week inside the basement of the Foy's home in Scole, near Diss in Norfolk, UK, with the

intention of capturing definitive proof for the scientific community to support the theory of

life after death. This is no small task since by its very nature science is evidence based and

reproducible evidence at that. Besides, most scientists tend to reject out of hand anything

even remotely paranormal on the basis that it can’t be true, often despite some quite

overwhelming evidence.

The traditional trappings of spiritualism do not help either, the prayers, darkened rooms and

items such as trumpets etc. do not instil confidence in any dispassionate observer intent on

viewing the project both rationally and scientifically. It is perhaps the determination of the

participants to attach a religious significance to the proceedings that created a mantle of

superstition that permeated the entire project. The Scole researchers were assisted by a group

of discarnate entities from the spirit realm whom they dubbed, ‘the spirit team’.

The ‘spirit team’, according to the Scole researchers, was comprised of specialists in various

disciplines who continued with their interests even after they passed on. One of the items

presented by the spirit team was a diagram of what appears to be a modified crystal set using

a piece of Germanium (a semi-conductor) with suitable circuitry to achieve direct audio input

to a tape recorder. It would be simple to de-bunk or deny the well-documented findings and

reports, but this would serve no real purpose, it certainly would not present a credible

explanation for what transpired. Therefore, we should approach the events described here

with an open mind, albeit in terms of ‘high strangeness’. The experiments ended up capturing

huge amounts of data and other material, most of which, 25 years later, still remains a

mystery. Phenomena such as small, 5mm sized lights would appear in the darkness of the

séance room, in this case the cellar in the Foy’s home. These lights and strange sounds were

captured on video. Also, the accounts of those present actually being touched were just some

of the more frequent phenomena reported, but it didn't end there.

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