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Fate's Top Five Unexplained Mysteries and Events.

Everybody loves lists or at least we do when it comes to things of this nature.

We scoured the internet and some historical sources to come up with our top five unexplained events and mysteries. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Jack the Ripper

The infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper was active in the impoverished area in and around Whitechapel in the East End of London in 1888. In both criminal case files and the contemporary news accounts, the killer was called the Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron. Killing at the very least five women he mutilated their bodies in an unusual manner, indicating that the killer had a vast knowledge of human anatomy. His identity is still unknown to this day.

2. The Phoenix Lights

A series of widely sighted unidentified flying objects were observed in the skies over the southwestern states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997. The National UFO Reporting Center received the following report from the Prescott area: "We observed five yellow-white lights in a "V" formation moving slowly from the northwest, across the sky to the northeast, then turn almost due south and continue until out of sight. The point of the "V" was in the direction of movement. The first three lights were in a fairly tight "V" while two of the lights were further back along the lines of the "V"'s legs. During the NW-NE transit one of the trailing lights moved up and joined the three and then dropped back to the trailing position. I estimated the three light "V" to cover about 0.5 degrees of sky and the whole group of five lights to cover about 1 degree of sky.” These objects were unsuccessfully explained away by authorities regardless of the reports of many citizens who had clear sight of the UAPs.

3. The Nazca Lines

According to Google, The Nazca Lines in Southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops.

How these designs could be accurately created from the ground without assistance from an arial vantage point has perplexed many.

4. Incident at the Dyatlov Pass

The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Soviet trekkers died in the northern Ural Mountains in February 1959. The exact circumstances are unknown. The group led by Igor Dyatlov, had established camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl in the Russian SFSR. During the night, something unexplained caused them to cut their way out of their tent and leave the campsite, unprepared for the sub-zero temperatures.

After the group's bodies were found, a full scale investigation determined that six of them had died from hypothermia while the other three had been killed by physical trauma. One of the victims had major skull damage, two had severe chest trauma, and another had a small crack in his skull. Four of the bodies were found lying in running water in a creek, and three of these four had damaged soft tissue of the head and face – two of the bodies had missing eyes, one had a missing tongue, and one had missing eyebrows. The investigation concluded that a "compelling natural force" had caused the deaths. Numerous theories have been put forward to account for the unexplained deaths.

5. The Mothman

The Mothman is a humanoid creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant West Virginia area from November 15, 1966, to December 15, 1967. n 1966 two couples from Point Pleasant reported to police they saw a large grey creature whose eyes "glowed red". They described it as a "large flying man with ten-foot wings", following their car while they were driving in an area outside of town known as "the TNT area", the site of a former World War II munitions plant.

The Mothman was introduced to a wider audience by Gray Barker in 1970. The infamous Mothman was later popularized by John Keel in his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies. The book reports that there were supernatural events related to the sightings, and a connection to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Do you believe the Mothman is real?



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