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On the Edge of Reality

Tony Sandy has been plagued by a lifetime of strange encounters with UFOs and the

paranormal. He is an author living in Scotland, who has written eight books on

linguistics, that analyses English by taking it apart then reassembling it by sound, spelling

and meaning. Plus, he has written two books on each of these subject areas;

philosophical observations, short stories and jokes.

He has a continuing fascination in UFOs, Cryptids, Forteana, etc. He used to be

interested in second world war history and ancient Rome, around the collapse of the

Republic era. His interest in dinosaurs has also declined but he still likes wildlife. Not

surprisingly, he enjoys science fiction like Dr Who, The Prisoner TV series by Patrick

McGoohan, various science fiction authors, plus films like Invasion Of The Body

Snatchers, the original Day The Earth Stood Still, Alien and John Carpenter’s version of

The Thing.

Tony is what UFO researchers term a UFO repeater witness. Timothy Beckley, the late

UFO author and publisher even compiled a book called ‘The UFO Repeaters’ (Inner Light,

2015). He noted:

‘From the very first UFO sighting, it was assumed that a UFO witness was simply in the

"right place at the right time" and that observing another UFO sometime in their life

would be like being struck by lightning more than once.

‘But this concept is now generally thought to be utterly false - for there is a subset of

"very special" individuals who have the uncanny ability to "call down" UFOs at will and

to even take repeated photographs of their craft.’

Timothy wondered if UFO repeaters were chosen because aliens could home-in on them,

either because the person was more psychically in tune with them or because repeaters

have an implanted homing device? Another alternative is that the person has so many

experiences because they are living in a UFO or paranormal ‘hot spot.’

In the case of Tony, his many experiences have occurred in many different localities

throughout the UK, so the hot spot explanation does not apply to him.

Perhaps Tony is just more aware of strange events and experiences around him, that

many of us might just ignore or dismiss with a mundane explanation. Whatever the

answer, Tony has certainly had a wide-range of experiences from UFOs, out-of-the-blue

phone calls to odd dreams and nightmares.

Here he tells us about his extraordinary reality-busting episodes that have permeated his



‘My first UFO encounter was in 1969 when I was a teenager. It was when I was returning

home from school with some school friends. In the clouds I saw a large, needle shaped

craft, floating at an oblique angle between the clouds, over the school itself.

‘My friends, including the form captain and a cousin in the same class as me, walked on

towards the green and the playground swings close by, where I caught up with them after

staring in awe at the ship for at least ten minutes. They didn’t seem to notice it and I

funnily enough didn’t draw attention to it either.

‘Years later I bought a book by John Keel, called “UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse”, which

featured an image in the front of the book of the same vehicle, saying it had been seen


Flying Saucer Encounters

‘Living inThe Highlands and travelling along through the Slochd pass, on the way to

Glasgow, In 2001 saw a white flying saucer above some power lines and as it dropped

below them, it disappeared (I saw the same craft in the same area, again when passing

the same spot on another journey through the area in 2003).

‘In 1993, when I was living with a friend in Evanton, I went for a walk along the Glen Glass

road, where I was offered the chance to meet a Grey and see a scout craft but I chickened


Phone Call from a Guru

‘During a crazy period in my life, I fell in love with this girl in London and during this time

returned home to Diss in Norfolk, where the insanity spread to my parents house,

including a telephone call from Sai Baba, the Indian guru in 1983. Why this was

interesting is that nobody knew in London where I was going or when (didn't have any

friends there and only a brother, whose shared house the girl lived in that I had the affair

with). The neighbor who told me an Indian gentleman was on the phone for me, was my

mother's best friend but how did he know to contact me through her, at that point in time

and despite the fact that even I didn't know her telephone number?

‘This was one of four what I call “special relationships” that I had, involving psychic

events in three of these relationships (the first two were previously diagnosed with

schizophrenia) and the last was very dramatic in the end as well. I would be interested to

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